The C.T. Russell pyramid

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I wrote this thinking that maybe some of our new folks would enjoy it, but I think I may have given the posting a bad or misleading subject line, because it has been little read and not commented on at all.

    Tell me how much the story sucks, and why it sucks as much as it does.

    Si vous plait.

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  • qwerty


    Russels Grave Site!

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  • teenyuck

    I am glad you reposted it....I was looking for info on his grave last week.

    This and the pic are helpful.

    How do I e-mail myself the thread? Can we still go that?

  • RR

    Here's a little history for you, something you won't find in the history books. Anyoen who has been there, knows that the cemetary is actual made up of several different cemetaries, on the same property, only divided. I don't know how much land is there among all the cemetaries, but it looks to be several hundrd acres.

    Here's the historical part. The cemetary was ALL farm land, owned by Charles Tayes Russell. C.T. Russell's name sake and uncle, and then it was own by Jospeh Russell, C.T.'s father, and left to C.T. when Jospeh died. Some of the land was partitioned for the Watch Tower plot. Across the way from this plot of land NOW sits a huge Masonic temple. What was originally there was the old farm house, where a Br. Bonet lives, he was the caretaker.

    The Cemetary was not owned by the Society, it was owned by a group of Bible Students, including C.T. Russell, Board of directors, etc. I haven't figured out how the Society got a hold of this property and when they sold it.

    The Bible Students are the unofficial caretakers of the bethel plot.

    I remember a few years ago, 1994, the Society opened the pyramid to try and retrieve the belongings they put in there back in 1919, but the thing was emptied. They left the pyramid opened. A Bible Student friend of mine drove up to restored it and seal it. Apparently the Society had no problem with desecrating a cemetary plot!

  • spaz

    Hi RR,

    Do you now what was within the pyramid? Was there a manifest, a list itemizing everything within?

    Regards, Spaz

  • RR

    According to the Convention report, one everything written by Russell is in there[was in there] including copies of the WT charter and some personal items.

  • spaz

    Hi Again RR,

    I think I should've been a little more specific. Do you know what the "many other things" were? Have you seen a copy of the "society's charter"? And what is a Memorial Tower? Karatol scripture studies rings a bell. Could you remind me what that is?

    Appreciatively, Spaz

  • spaz

    Hi RR,

    I guess you must've been on-line as I posted my first question. Thank you. I confess I don;t fully understand the argument. Some on this site say Russell was a mason; you say he wasn't. If say, a person did everything in the world which suggested to all observers he was a purse-snatcher, what chance do you think he would have of being believed if he denied it?

    For example, and you correct any pertinent errors here, Russell and Conley started Zion's (unincorporated) Watchtower circa 1870-1881. Conley, the methodist banker was president, and parted company with Russell circa 1884 when Russel decided to incorporate.(Zion and zionism are related subjects)

    Zionism, while not yet publicly articluated by Theodor Herzl until 1897, existed within the Jewish Haskalah movement. It had as part of its theology the restoration of a Jewish state (Judenstaat). The European banking dynasties of families such as Bauer, Herch, Cassell Oppenheimer virtually controlled Europe's political destiny. These folk were gradually making inroads to the Americas and Asia during this period. Many American bankers were Bauer's (Rothschild) agents.My understanding is that Conley was one such an agent.Russell and his ideas of a restored Jewish state seemed to be linked to the theology of the very secret societies that the Banker-families headed. Religiously, they identified themselves then as the Illuminated Ones within the guise of ostensibly benevolent and Christian groups such as Freemasonry.

    Russell, by all appearances, adopted much masonic imagery. "Watcher", and "watchtowers" not in any wise reminiscient of middle-eastern construction, but mystical versions of a LightHouse and crashing waves reminscient of Tarot card #7. The Rose & Crown, Knight's Helmut & Weaponry , pyramid theology or dispensationalism is highly suggestive of Knights Templar links. These links are fairly extensive, and this is why I say that Russell was flagging to all onlookers that he was a mason and had secret masonic agenda. How would you reply to this?

  • willy_think

    Who's buried under a cross? A Christian
    Who's buried under a star of David? a Jew.
    Who's buried under a cross and crown? A mason.

    A huge Masonic temple.......i wonder how they got the land?

  • LyinEyes

    Very interesting subject, please keep it going. This is the very first thing my husband showed me when he started looking things up on the internet. When I found out Russell used measurements from a pyramid, I felt like I had been knocked to the floor. It opened my eyes. I have never heard of that before. A year later, and I have found out so much more . I am grateful for that pyramid, it helped to set the wheels in motion to set me free.

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