Are Elders experts on the Bible? Are they spirtually qualified men?

by John Aquila 39 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Elders are pillars of Watchtower dogma but when it comes to upholding the true teachings of the Holy Bible....Elders are twigs!
  • Phizzy

    I had read the Bible through a couple of times at least, being a JW for nearly six decades. We were supposed to read a few Chapters a week, but usually I did not bother, until I got older, and wished to understand it better.

    However, despite having a better grasp of what the Bible was all about than any Elder I knew, I knew next to nothing about it in reality, all my reading had been done with JWDogma Spectacles on.

    I have learned the truth about the Bible, and learned what it really says, since leaving the JW's.

    Most JW Elders that I know are more clued up on Football than on they are on the Bible.

  • fastJehu

    My last question to an elder (during luch together with his wife) about a doctrine ended with the following sentence:

    "You have the library and you can search. Have a close look there about your question!".

    So this was 5 years ago and I searched in the wt library AND in the intenet. So I could see the TTATT.

    Like Phizzy said:

    I have learned the truth about the Bible, and learned what it really says, since leaving the JW's.


    Elders know as much about the scriptures as anyone else who cares to put the effort to read it.

    As for their knowledge of JW policy... that's an entirely different issue.

  • Clambake

    I like to believe once you explain to the JWs that the new testament is the story of Jews then the Gentiles, the nation of Israel to the body of Christ ( all believers in Christ ) all JW theology becomes quite silly.

    Heavenly hopers, earthly hopers, slaves classes, changing lights, overlappers .

    It sounds like Star Wars to me.

    Are the elders spiritual men ?? Ha. Ha. Ha. They read the bible like it was a speeding ticket and are looking for a technically get to get off.

  • Vidiot

    Your average JW elder is as much an expert on the Bible as your average high-school graduate.

    They are, however, real experts on the Watchtower.

  • humblepotato

    I think of the 50 or so elders I've met in my lifetime...about 49 of them are experts on the Watchtower Doctrine and Dogma...and maybe only about 2 elders who were smart, loving, gentle, qualified shepherds. I think their good qualities came from experience, with people and life, over time. Not anything the WT taught them!

    Aside from maybe a couple... I wouldn't trust an elder to walk my dog!

  • BluesBrother

    Bungi Bill had it right:

    [Prior to the 1971 arrangement] I can recall ones who did have an extensive ( perhaps even impressive) knowledge of the bible.

    Times have changed , however....

    Think about it in terms of your job. Would you spend a lot of time studying papers that you did not need to know? No, you learn what is most relevant to your job and what your employer wants you to know....That is inevitable.

  • Vidiot
    Good analogy.
  • Tenacious

    To answer your questions in order:

    40% yes - I've known many elders, some who I wouldn't piss on even if they were on fire, that can recall many texts when needed. Having a good memory and being an expert are two different things. For one, an expert can reconcile one text with another, understand the context and its applicability to the modern day christian, thereby properly understanding how to implement it if ever.

    35% yes - this is a complicated question. This is where the org has tremendous problems with appointing men who are assholes yet because they meet the spiritual criteria (Paul's letter to Timothy) they are appointed. Therefore, that figure will always be 100%. The real figure should be around 10% of currently serving elders who truly reflect the qualities of the Christ.

    30% yes - but the other 70% probably out of habit and personal goals but not spiritually inclined to do so.

    5% yes - but the other 95% probably for bragging rights and not having anything else to read after getting done with the other mindless propaganda.

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