Rutherford, Knorr or Franz - Who has the most influence on doctrine & process now?

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  • konceptual99

    So, I was thinking - who of the above still has the most influence on current WTS doctrine and dogma?

    Rutherford obviously created the smokescreen around 1914/607 but overall his work has been superseded I would suggest.

    Knorr created the various schools and they or their offspring still live on. Wasn't it during his tenure that all the blood doctrine, types/anti types (now chucked away of course), transplants etc came along? The elder arrangement came in under him as well.

    Franz has the reputation for being the self appointed scholar but how much of the doctrine really changed under his command?

    Lots has changed but lots hasn't either and the WTS has simply gone quiet on a number of fronts. Whose reign, doctrinal changes and processes has the most ongoing legacy now?

  • Giordano

    Rutherford and Knorr's bony dead hands are still wrapped around the Society's throat. By not purging themselves of that influence the Society continues to treat it's believers, families, women and children recklessly.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    The religion is ran as a business that preys on people.

    Theologically it's a rudderless ship.

    Economically it's a powerhouse of clever manipulation, all designed to build a financially self-sustainable religion business that butters its rising stars with power and prestige.

  • SimonSays

    From the above list, I would say The God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac along with Jesus.

  • TJ Brother
    TJ Brother

    Rutherford was a drunkard crook who turned religion into an organization.

    Knorr was a businessman who increased the number of members

    Franz was the madman behind the doctrines that have been perpetuated to keep the doctrine of the organization.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Here's a good question: Which of Franz' teachings are still 'doctrine'
  • joe134cd

    There is some pretty good circumstantial evidence that Freddie played a major part in forming the religion during both the Rutherford and Knorr years. I remember reading and article by Barbara Anderson that she found a letter in the Wt archives from Rutherford requesting Freddie to reply to a question from readers. This caused her to question how much of the religion could of been based on one man's ideas.

    The other proof that I could point to is CoC. Ray mentions that his uncle had total authority over what he wrote, and that Knorr relied heavily on him in forming the religions doctrines. I guess the 1975 fiasco /types and anti types is testimony to this. Ray mentions that his uncle was certainly an intelligent man also.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    In spirit, I find the current period and it's associated rhetoric more Rutherfordian than ever.

    I think just about everything Franz ever did was just thrown out the window with the new "no antitypes" approach.

  • flipper

    Actually- I think NONE of those guys you mentioned - has any hold anymore on what this current GB decides or does. Rutherford, Knorr, and Franz are all deceased and are considered " old or deceased " light by this current GB of Anthony Morris III, Stephen Lett, and the other current hooligans.

    I mean look at how MUCH has changed in the last 5 or so years since the " old guard " GB died. They did away with home Book Study arrangements, put in ATM contribution machines at District Conventions, They totally changed the " generation " teaching to an overlapping generation of " two or multiple " generations before the alleged " Armageddon " comes. They've started which is an absolute clamoring for power through greed with Stephen Lett beckoning rank & file JW's for money. Lett came on defending their policies regarding child abuse claiming that ex-JW's are lying when they say the WT leaders protect pedophiles calling it " ridiculous ". They've taken over complete ownership of the Kingdom Halls away from local jurisdictions of congregation members. They even play Sparlock cartoons and release cartoons as District Convention releases in order to further manipulate and mind control the Witnesses.

    Actually- I feel these current Governing Body members are even MORE audacious and have more gall than the old guard in being arrogant, self promoting, and narcissistic claiming to be God's " special agents ". I mean- look at it- WT leaders even refused to hand over child abuse information to the courts as requested and received a 13.5 million $$$$$ lawsuit fine slapped against them for refusing to cooperate with the courts of the land. I mean- how arrogant or how low will these current batch of GB members go ? I think there is NO level of depth these depraved monsters will not go to - in order to keep the financial wheels of this 136 year old WT Society organizational scam going. They have no conscience. The organization and it's financial shareholders are run by sociopathic liars and con men. Enough said

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Rutherford, Knorr or Franz - Who has the most influence on doctrine & process now?


    From the above list, I would say The God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac along with Jesus.

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