Hope y'all in Texas are doing OK !

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  • Simon

    Some terrible flooding happening there.

    I never realized that Texas was so prone to serious floods and flash-floods because of the geography and weather. It tops the stats nearly every year for flood fatalities.

    Stay safe, stay dry if you can and don't take any chances. Water is unbelievably powerful - whatever vehicle you have it can sweep it away like a twig. Sad that so many people have died trying to drive across rivers.

  • violias

    I'm in north Texas ,and where I am at the flooding has not been too serious. It has rained and our lawns are water logged and there is standing water, but no serious flooding. Just a few miles north of us it has been much worse and tornados have touched down. Our lawn is a swamp and it will take several days of dry weather for it to not be soggy. Houston and other areas have not been so lucky. Some of Houston is under water.

    Before the rainfall we had been in a several year drought and now only 3 lakes in Texas are not full and running over and the three that aren't full are within 1 foot of full. So thank goodness the drought is over but time for the rain to stop.

    I say this and we have an overcast sky and severe weather predicted for the pm/night. Here we go again.

  • JakeM2012
    Yep, Hope all in Texas a well. There are still a lot of people missing in Wimberley. Texas has been in a drought for five years, which is not unusual, but they get all their rain at one time.
  • cappytan

    I'm right in the thick of it on the I-35 corridor. 20 minutes away from where those 12 people went missing.

    Fortunately, our town hasn't been hit that hard. But we have in the past.

    More rain is expected later this week. :-/

  • fleshyheadedmutant
    Thanks for thinking of us. Many of the schools around Houston were closed today, I am guessing because of the flooding. (I am a teacher and well-don't mind if I have an extra day-but I digress) Where I live, in northeast Houston, there is minimal flooding. Of course Houston is a huge city, and I realize others haven't fared so well. Hope the rain calms down soon!!
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Just looked at the CNN news. Don't take any risks everyone. Try to stay safe. Our thoughts are with you.
  • violias

    In several cites this May has broken the record for the amount of rainfall. before 2015, 1982 held that record in several areas.


  • stuckinarut2

    I hope Richard Rawlins and the Gas-Monkey Crew are ok?

    (We don't know much about Texas except for their show....)

  • cappytan

    This happened about 35 minutes away from my house.


  • stuckinarut2

    Was anyone hurt Cappy?

    Sorry just saw the end...

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