Doing away with Calculating How Close we are to THE END

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  • Finkelstein

    Sounds a bit like they moving the goal posts once again.

    Interesting is not that the organization specifically chosen by god would have to change their expressed doctrines not on any new guiding holy spiritual light but because of secular knowledge that nothing has happened as toward what the organization said would happen over a time frame of an entire century.

    The real disturbing and perhaps disgusting thing about this organization is the many thousands of people who were Dfed for bringing to light the wrongful doctrines of the organization such as 1914 , 1975 " This Generation" etc.

    Now those doctrines are going to be thrown into the trash .

    Oh well alls fair in power and money when it comes to religion, its absorbed of responsibility by virtue of it being a religion in both social and legal liability.

  • Heaven

    In 2009, my Father told me the end was really close now. I asked him how he knew. He said it was because the economy was really bad. I asked him "Is it as bad as it was during the Great Depression?"

    He kind of stared blankly at me. Then he said rather quietly, "Nooo."

    I went on. I said "Because if the bad economy is the reason, shouldn't the end have come during the Great Depression?"

    Botchtower will keep saying whatever it needs to in order to keep people in their organization.

    If I told you I was coming over to your house 'very soon now' and 52 years later I have yet to arrive, would you think I was still coming soon or that I am never coming?

    This is basically what their Armageddon failed prophecy is to me. I will be 52 years old this year. So far, the Big 'A' is one BIG FAILURE!

  • prologos

    Isaac Newton was into Bible-end calculation, and he was good at Calculus, also Usher was trying to usher it in,, This weeks Circuit Overseer's talk. " "the last day of the last days".???

    (Acts 1:7) . . .“It does not belong to YOU to get knowledge of the times or seasons which the Father has placed in his own jurisdiction. . ."

    Like the supposed forbidden fruit in Eden, in the Father's property, jurisdiction, trespassers will not even get a resurrection.

  • BluesBrother

    They have certainly given up calculating a date, they got their fingers burnt in 1975, but they still clearly teach the imminence of the end . That same article in par 17 states:

    17 Events on the world scene clearly indicate that Bible prophecy is now being fulfilled and that the end of this wicked system of things is imminent. Therefore, we should not assume that much time is needed for the state of this world to develop to the point where “the ten horns” and “the wild beast” of Revelation 17:16 turn on Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion. Let us bear in mind that God will “put it into their hearts” to make that move—and this could happen swiftly and at any time! (Rev. 17:17) The end of this entire system of things is not far off. With good reason, we should heed Jesus’ warning: “Pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking and anxieties of life, and suddenly that day be instantly upon you as a snare.” (Luke 21:34, 35; Rev. 16:15) Let us be resolved to serve Jehovah with a sense of urgency, confident that he “acts in behalf of those who keep in expectation of him.”—Isa. 64:4.

  • umbertoecho

    The witnesses who came to my door, when pressed by me about how long they thought we had before Armageddon said. " We think it will come in our life time". This woman was about sixty years of age. My family are saying the same thing too with a great sense of anticipation or eagerness. A young sister, about thirty years of age, came to see me last year to ask me to hurry up as she felt the end was so very close. She felt worried about the things she had done wrong and was trying to put right. She has never done anything particularly bad, except to fret because she has not married and had a child. She said that this was selfish of her and she should be content with what she has. The poor woman has been reproved twice in 2014 for partying and going on a few dates.

    So, essentially they really do think the end is just around the corner again.

  • bafh

    It seems to me so much of people's faith and therefore their actions is based on their reward being "imminent". You can do or believe almost anything for a short time especially if there is some greater reward to look forward to in a very short time.

    This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while now - the Bible says, "You do not know the day nor the hour, neither the Son. Only the Father." (or something like that). So it hasn't made sense to me for a long time that they have been obsessed with 1914 and predicting the time of the end.

    Now that it has come to nothing, they are backtracking. It will be interesting to see how many people leave now that there is no timeline for the reward.

    And I will be interested now to see if this gives them the opportunity to focus on what kind of people they are instead of what kind of works they produce that other people can see.

    I think this is the beginning of an important turning point.

  • westiebilly11

    ...perhaps the watchtower have been telling the truth..and it is jesus who has been lying....! seriously though..everytime I read their articles about the end time etc etc I'm also reminded of that scripture:' expectation postponed makes the heart sick..'

    They are playing a cruel game on vulnerable and sometimes genuine people within the org. They're justifying their apocalyptic literature by making fresh suit themselves.Emotionally abusive...and a trap to keep the rabbit firmly in the headlights...

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    If the Jehovah witness 8 million members didn't believe the end was coming in their lifetime;

    They would not be Jehovah witnesses. They would quit in an instant and stop their senseless preaching and join the rest of the world in living and enjoying life.

  • Gayle
    The worst thing for an end-time cult is "time."
  • Finkelstein

    Just thinking of the many elderly JWS people who were long time pioneers who gave up personal careers, who are now most likely living in poverty, not getting proper medical care or eating properly.

    I'm sure they be just delighted hearing " well maybe we over estimated the end times coming in are life time."

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