So I decided to do it.

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  • WasOnceBlind
    Ok, so I went ahead and got a tattoo. Well more than a tattoo, it is a half sleeve. My parents haven't seen it, thanks to the chilly weather I've been wearing a sweater around them. However, it is projected to be pretty hot next week so that is just not going to work anymore. Therefore I am going to have to show it to them, I am not looking forward to dealing with my dad. My mom will be upset but she will get over it, but my dad might just stop talking to me period. I have played in my head a couple of different scenarios, mainly them telling me how I know what is right/wrong and choosing the wrong and how I am being wordly. I'm pretty much going to stick with my "the bible doesn't forbid this" argument and it is a matter of personal conscience and mine is completely clean. As for worldly, IDK what they expect, I have been inactive for 9 years, I wonder if they are just in denial about the fact Im never going back.
  • dgeero
    The WT doesn't even technically condemn this. I researched this before and while it's frowned on it's technically a conscience matter. I had several elders confirm this including my father at the time. Definitely frowned on though. Like evil evil beards lol
  • label licker
    label licker
    He will tell you that in the scriptures it reads that god detests tatoos. And that he has not changed. You can say if that's the case then god also detested swine and that that was the only animal out of all the unclean animals on earth you weren't even allowed to touch it. Yet, today we eat swine and touch it.
  • KiddingMe

    I know someone who was publicly reproved for getting a tattoo. I assume if they kept getting more it could've led to disfellowshipping.

    My kids are not baptized and snuck out and got tattoos before I "woke up" and I was disappointed by it, but I got over it. Thinking back, it had more to do with how it would make us look to the other JW's, as if we allowed them to go out and get them.

    Now my kids seem like they are addicted to it, they are going crazy with several tattoos. I don't like this too much either because I feel that later in life they may regret getting so many.

    I hope it goes over well for you.

  • Godsendconspirator
    Someone in my congregation did this and his mom did say a word. Being inactive helps because they'll probably have seen it coming. And you have every right to do it Biblically or otherwise. I think after the initial shock, they'll be fine.
  • Daniel1555

    I am thinking of doing the same.

    Just the name of my son on my wrist.

    I will be doing this not for any other person but for myself and it would have a great meaning for me. So I don't care of others reactions.

    My parents don't like tattoos at all. But it is a good way to show them that I am truly free.

  • fukitol
    Sleeve tatto's look absolutely disgusting, ugly, unless you want your arm to permanently look like it's been burnt in a fire or like it's got gangrene. Fashion victim is what you are.
  • pbrow

    hey fukitol.... no body asked you fucktard...

    You have a fellow human being who is 9 years out of this cult and STILL has issues with how her parents fucked up religion dictates how they will treat her because of a personal decision.

    As witnesses, all your decisions are made for you and If her decision is nothing else but taking her skin in her own hands then it is empowering.

    Good for you blind! Any chance we can see pictures??


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    good for you getting the tat.

    This is my desktop pic:

    I think sleeves done right are awesome!

  • paulmolark

    As long as you do not have Chinese letters or tribal tattoos out the ass your sleeve will be awesome. Tattoos have been around since humans have in one form or another. If the tattoo has meaning to you it will always be worth it.

    Generally the the only people who look down on tattoos are 45+ year old Eurocentric white males who are of a close minded generation anyway so don't worry about he hate

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