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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Here's the national SHARE averages during Dateline JW report:

    DATELINE (NBC): 16
    JAG (CBS): 11
    THE MOLE (ABC): 7
    70's SHOW (FOX): 8

    Show won across all demos (which means all different age groups/genders) except for the last 15 min. of NBA game which garnered a 19 SHARE in the 18-34 year olds. Those figures are GREAT! Just what NBC wants to see. Again, 16 share means, 16 % of all the tv's that were on were watching Dateline. The total of the above 4 shows is 42, which means 42% of tv's were watching those top 4 shows - all other tv's were tuned to other numerous 'networks' or cable show.

  • Grunt

    Wow! Hey, next time do BLOOD!!! This could become a multipart series, after Blood they could do JW's as a model cult with Steve Hassan as moderator, and then for comic relief a biography on the life and times of JW leaders like Russell (the Miracle Wheat and married but abstaining Founder of the Kooky Kult of the Tower) Judge Rutherford (who may have suffered from Aluminum Posioning or maybe his problem was all those vaccinations he missed.) I think they have at least one guy in LEGAL with a lot of potential too!
    Lots of material to work with.

  • agwinston

    well, well,I think every one saw it!thank god! I'm so happy. I happy that the right ppl were exposed. It's all true I was told I should have started yelling, and I did I enjoy it! and should try and get over it becuase the matter had been taken care of! Not no more I will tell every one about the man who Raped me when I was 14. I will tape it it when it comes back on MSN and send to my mother mabey she will wake up.

  • hawkaw

    I tella folks those 10-11 million people who watched it must have told at least another 8 to 9 million.

    Oh its the biggest "vaccine" ever given at one time and all completed in less than a half an hour.

    Hawk is now sitting at home having a nice cold one (that's Canadian beer too eh!!! - 5% per volume) and just snickering away.

    There is a lot more to come people.


  • Farkel

    : Here's the national SHARE averages during Dateline JW report:
    : DATELINE (NBC): 16
    : JAG (CBS): 11
    : THE MOLE (ABC): 7
    : 70's SHOW (FOX): 8

    You mean I watched Dateline when JAG was on?



  • Salud


    Thnx for posting that. That is great!! I was somewhat dissapointed that Dateline did not devote a whole hour to the subject, they have done it with other stories that only affect a few people, whereas here thousands if not millions of people are affected in one way or another.

    With all the info. they have that was not presented I would hope that Dateline might reconsider running a follow-up story to this subject. Maybe by all of us e-mailing them and letting them know the impact it had they might just do it.

  • myself

    I got far more people to watch dateline then I ever got into the KingDumb Hall.

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  • Yerusalyim

    What I'm interested in is the number of people missing from their meetings Tuesday who would normally have been there...

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  • slipnslidemaster

    I would love to know the same thing.

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