Does What We Say Here Or In Person Really Help JWs To Get Out Of The Religion?

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  • BluesBrother

    I like to think so. Of course it does not reach the die hards who would never look here and view every scandal as a satanic attack. But the reachable ones who might check out the movement on-line.

    Hell! it certainly ought to. There is plenty of damning evidence on here

  • FayeDunaway

    I think it does. Definitely. But one thing I thought years ago, when I was still half a believer, was that many comments on this site matched the hateful slanderous attitude we were warned against. So that did turn me off. I preferred jwfacts and silent lambs back then. Outlaw I didn't like you back then, didn't appreciate the humor, sorry to say! I quite like it now that I've fully accepted the basic truths that inspire the humor.

    I do think we shouldn't get too acerbic though, and remember to make our points in a fair light, so as to not turn off doubters with more belief than not. I need to remind myself of this too.

  • 3rdgen
    This site is why Balaamsass and I are awake ex JW's. The organization itself drove us away from the KH but the comments and humor made us free from guilt and helped us to reason that this was NEVER God's organization. Thanks everyone!
  • stuckinarut2

    Yes Indeed!!

    This site helped me to see that I was NOT the only one that saw the OBVIOUS.

    Yes, I saw that the "emperor had no clothes on" but thought I was the only one until finding this site and jwfacts

  • flipper

    Definitely this site helps awaken JW's who are sitting on the fence, people who are perhaps having doubts themselves within. Even if a JW hasn't VERBALLY spoken out loud to other fellow JW's and they keep their doubts to themselves- Simon's board here is a great release or an outlet or a conduit for those JW's still having silent doubts - too fearful of sharing those doubts with jW family and friends.

    Thus we see as another poster mentioned people coming on introducing themselves as " long time lurker, first time poster ", so we realize a lot of good information has already been entering the neurotransmitters in their minds from this board to counteract the JW drivel they get being spewed from kingdom hall platforms.

    It's up to us to keep the ball of access to helpful information to keep rolling for these people. Kind of like the movie " Pay it Forward " with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt about 10 years ago. Start a good deed like the boy did in the movie helping others- then the next person does something good for the next person, and so on. Before too long you have all of these ex-JW's caring for one another and showing a hell of a lot more authentic love to exiting JW's than they ever received inside the cult. It's an amazing transformation and an opportunity for many of us to help people in ways that we never ever did as JW's. Just my 2 cents

  • 3rdgen

    Mr Flip, Your 2 cents is worth more than gold to people whose hearts and souls have been crushed by the WTBT$. You were the first person on the board who reached out to us. Now you and Mrs Flipper are genuine friends. And since then we have met dozens more great ex JWs who I respect more than any we knew when we were "in".

    This site is the vehicle that gets the doubters, the brokenhearted, the pissed off, on the road to freedom of mind leading to a whole new and better life.

  • flipper
    3RDGEN- Thanks for your kind words. My wife and I consider you and your husband dear friends as well. Indeed this site has been a really soft landing place for many people who exited out of the JW organization either by their own choice - or not. A new life is definitely possible , a better life re-gaining the freedom of mind we were born with - before the WT Society stole it from us no matter what age we were when it was stolen- we can re-gain control of our brains neurotransmitters for sure. Just gotta do our homework and re-educate ourselves about life and what really matters. About what is real and what is unreal
  • minimus
    What an enlightening thread. Great comments!
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    A jw might not ever click on a website like this one. But if they are sick of being rebuked and blamed and accused, when all they're doing is ASKING a fecking QUESTION about inconsistencies they've observed in the congregation, then heck yeah they are ready to see what others have been through. Then they say, NOW i see why they didn't want me to talk to "apostates!!!"

    Being lied to repeatedly and told that things you're seeing are just your imagination playing tricks on you because your spirituality is so bad - It's not your imagination OR your spirituality - the WT is a CULT and you need to get the hell out of there.


  • 3rdgen
    Good one Marina!

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