"Make a list of people you want to meet in the New System!" (New September Watchtower)

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  • Gayle
    Like a list for Santa?
  • betterdaze
    What a coincidence! The Jewish holiday Sukkot (festival of booths) just happens to fall in September too.

    Search the web for: “Who would you invite to your sukkah?”

    When I worked for a Jewish-owned company, we played game this every year.

    Watchtower “ancient worthies” were surprisingly rare. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were popular instead.

    Bruce Springsteen usually made it into the top 5.

    Number one pick? Albert Einstein.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    I'd like to meet my grandmother again but it won't be quite the same if she is as young and beautiful as she was in the photos of her when she was young. In fact, it will be downright weird.
  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me
    I would like to meet the current Governing Body when they are resurrected to the earth.
  • Alive!

    Do you guys recall the article for kids with an illustration of a young boy teaching a resurrected "pirate" - you know, that really irked me.

    Whether you are an atheist or a believer, it's clear that a child would be thrilled by the notion of meeting and teaching "pirates".....this kind of crazy lesson appeals to their imagination and.... For want of a better phrase..... Material minds.

    Imagine the watchtower asking us to dwell and meditate on an eternity in a new creation with Christ.

    Look I'm not trying to preach - but really, whatever your beliefs, it's clear that a truly spiritually Christ-focused hope is not the foundation for the WBTS religion.

    It's members dwell on the excitement of meeting historic people ( as if their history will matter in a new world!) and it's members have been known to eye up current real estate yearning for the day when it belong to them.

    Such truly spiritual hopes! And even if you think any "hope" is ridiculous, isn't it clear how skewed the WT hope is?

  • sir82

    it's clear that a child would be thrilled by the notion of meeting and teaching "pirates"

    While that kid is teaching the pirate, I'll be teaching the bawdy wenches.....

  • Alive!

    We have had that question thrown up in book studies - who would you like to meet brothers?

    Always the answers centred around ancient patriarchs/ prophets.

    No-one ever said Jesus. You'd think that would be our number one desire - to meet the focus of our love, Jesus.

    But that has been wiped from the JW mind and heart.

    Again, even if any faith is a load of junk, surely the Christian faith should have it's focus on Christ. To be with him. To have him with us. A glorified resurrection, a glorified physical/spiritual universe that isn't forever drifting into decay.

    Thats what it's all about folks.

    But nah - give the kids "pirates". Capture their little imaginations.

    Capture being the operative word.

  • Alive!

    LOl at sir82. Join the queue.

    If only Captain Jack Sparrow could be there.....now ya talking.

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