"Make a list of people you want to meet in the New System!" (New September Watchtower)

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  • punkofnice

    Do a drawing of paradise?

    Okay....here goes!!

  • Bonsai

    I want to meet some samurais and ninjas. Maybe also a warlord or two? Maybe they can teach me how to throw a shuriken! Or slice and dice with a katana!

    I wonder if princess Zelda will be resurrected...

    I also would like to meet Job's daughters and Job's daughter's daughters and their daughters and their daughters and their daughters and their daughters just to see which ones were the hottest!

  • punkofnice
    There are some people alive that I wanna meet. Forget re-animated corpses!
  • DJS

    LisaRose: "Hope is a very powerful thing. Getting people to vividly imagine something very positive, like meeting a much admired person, will cause people to put up with a lot of bad things. It's cult manipulation 101."

    Ditto. Which is exactly what FusionTheist is trying to do with us. He has made 39 OPs in two weeks. He tried chastising us early on (how did that work out for you FT) but has quickly switched to posts like this to engage us. I will have to say that FT learns quickly and excels at making Dark Tower OPs that don't really preach to us but draw us in to the Dark Tower's lair. At least that is what he appears to be hoping.

    I'm glad FT is here; he seems to be 51% Dark Tower apologist and 49% one of us. The longer he stays that percentage is almost certain to change. The Dark Side, Luke, beware of the Dark Side. Come on in FT, the water's fine.

    The Dark Lords, moving forward, have only one arrow in their quiver, one tool in the toolbox. And that is playing to emotions. Serious scholarship will seriously kick their sorry asses, resulting in humiliatingly having to spin, cover up and change teachings and resulting in the few remaining sentient dubs beginning to question things.

    Emotions are all they got. Sadly, Emotions are all that are necessary to Believe.

  • punkofnice
    Are we allowed to punch these people in the face if we meet them? If so, my list is different...and count me in.
  • jw07








  • pixel
    All of those people in that famous 1914 Generation magazine...
  • Finkelstein

    Joseph Rutherford

    I want to kick him square in the balls .


    I disliked your post, not because of you, but because it's so watchtarded. This WT quote illustrates the kind of stupid shit that be spouted at the "Imitate Jesus" convention.

    Meditate on Jeehoober's promises, just like Jesus, eh??? That's so stupid on so many levels that I cannot articulate my feelings just yet.

    Let's see... I'm Jesus and I am "The Word" of God incarnate. In fact, I may be God in some spiritual quantum entangled manner. Whatever the case may be, I am ancient beyond human comprehension.

    God and I hash out a plan. It's fool proof, of course. There is a 100% chance of success. All I have to do is be born, live with no comprehension of my pre-human existence until my thirties ( with God protecting me all the while ) and the get all my vast knowledge and powers returned upon my baptism. Then I realize that I will "die" for an infinitesimal fraction of time and be fully restored and get promoted. Again, there is a 100% chance of success.

    WTF IS THERE TO MEDITATE ABOUT?!?!?!?! Seriously?!?!

    Lets review this once more:

    1) "Jehovah" = WTBTS/GB/WT LEGAL

    2) Jesus = Uber loyal publisher of "Jehovah." ( See point #1)

    3) Imitate Jesus = STFU and be blessed by "Jehovah." ( see point #1)


  • Finkelstein

    Kind of redundant to contemplate on ancient mythological bullshit

    After all there is a real non-fictional world to embrace and work with in the human experience.

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