I have been blocked!!!

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  • username

    As the title eludes, I have been blocked from a website, the cheek of it. What site you may ask?

    I was blocked from a active jwforum, I haven't even posted any comments yet haha! When I contacted the site admin team on why I had been blocked the answer was they didn't know me so decided to search (snoop) to see who I am, apparently the result of the search resulted in my name showing up on an "apostate" site lol.

    This actually made me laugh as I've never been blocked from any website, let alone for just viewing it! Just shows you this cult is far from being true Christians.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    oooh which site was that ? maybe we can all join
  • joe134cd
    Yeah I wanna join to. Things like this encourage me.
  • blondie
    I was told once that if you go to a website jw from a forbidden site, they can tell and will automatically block you.
  • opusdei1972

    Was it Truetheology forum???


  • GodZoo

    Not a good idea to use the same email or username when registering on different sites.

    Some sites too can track your internet activities and movements so would also be sensible standard practice to have certain browser plugins installed to prevent your internet trail from being sniffed.

    I'm happy to tell you how if anyone want's to pm me.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Haven't you heard USERNAME ? It's called Cybershunning.....all the kool kids are doing it !

    (it's the one worldly trend JW's can get into)

  • username
    The jw site in question is jwtalk.net fill yah boots as they say in Scotland lol.
  • kozmo
    Hey! I've been trying to Befriend active JW's on FB and guess what? No Takers! So far 2 have blocked me, 2 deleted request. I'm not even DF'd but I think by now, 12 years after attending anything that they got the drift. Maybe my Ex told them about me or ,maybe they just got the private word not to talk to me? As I said, I have no clue what their policies are anymore but, my older active son talks to me ll the time and tells me who has passed away. Oh, I am 65. I used to use the name " nomoreguilt" for those who may remember me. If Mr Flipper is still around have him message me. Thank you, good to see you all again.
  • johnamos

    Well at least you were blocked from an active JW site, which blocks ex-JW’s, I was blocked from an ex-JW site…JWSurvey. It’s funny how they bash the WTS for not letting you point out any of their errors and yet this website blocked me just for pointing out an observation that I made and then they jumped to their own conclusions about why I stated such and then before I had a chance to respond I got a message stating that I was blocked when I tried to reply. It goes to show you that even ex-JW’s down fall far from the WTS/GB tree.

    On this page I said:


    quote- I couldn’t help but notice the following from this website while watching the video:

    Support JWsurvey
    Help us make continued improvements to this website and its content.

    all major credit cards – end quote

    For that I was blocked, I guess I am an apostate to the apostates…well at least Cedars kept my comment up. :)

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