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    Many good posts on this thread by people who are exploring our world with a gentle thoughtfulness the Org ignores entirely.

    I often wonder why as humans we get so determined that everyone interface with life on the level that works for us.

    Some people are very intuitive and think accordingly. Other people find they resonate the most honestly through their musicality or their athleticism. Still others find their most honest dimension in the scientific world, It is this last one that seems to be the most likely to extrapolate a word (such as "spirituality") and try to prove/disprove it.

    The wisest course it seems to me is to "allow" for it all.

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake


    im glad you're gonna check it out. I'm trying to post a pic of a certain page that I think will address what your saying but I'm having trouble getting it to upload. It's page 6.


    i uploaded it to a site and here's the link:


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    I got the book by Sam Harris and read it. It was very interesting, if a bit hard to take in all at once, but much of it resonates with me. I practice meditation, but not nearly to the extent he is talking about, although what little I have done gives me a glimpse into what he is talking about. It's hard to describe.

    I was watching Les Miserables and something about how the message of the plot was portrayed and demonstrated brought on this sudden realization that fits exactly what he is discribing. It was like all at once I realized love is not a two way street and I want everyone to be happy; I will do what I can to make this so at whatever cost to myself I can afford.

    I once had the soundtrack of this and it came at a very pivotal time in my life, shortly before I left the organization. I was very moved by Fantine ( I dreamed a dream). It opened up feelings that had been long buried, I realised how desperately unhappy I was. It was a few years before I began to meditate, but I credit that music for getting me to a certain place that allowed me to break free.

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