Fresno man facing murder charge after shooting a Jehovah’s Witness who refused blood transfusion

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  • Tenacious

    A Fresno man is facing murder charges in court this week for the shooting death of a Jehovah’s Witness who later died after refusing a blood transfusion.

    According to police, Quevedo and Silva argued over over gang membership with Quevedo returning later in the evening to shoot Silva through the security door at his home.

    Silva reportedly told a Fresno police officer “Jehovah, Jehovah, I’m dying, I’m dying,” as he was taken to a hospital where he died during surgery after refusing a blood transfusion because he was a Jehovah’s Witness.

    It is the belief of many Jehovah’s Witnesses that it is against God’s will to have a blood transfusion.

    According to defense attorney Antonio Alvarez, Quevedo should not have been charged with murder because Silva refused a transfusion that could have saved his life.

    Prosecutor Gabriel Brickey disagrees and will call Fresno County pathologist Michael Chambliss to testify that, even if Silva had received the transfusion, he would have died because one bullet hit a a major vein.

    Quevedo has already served time in prison for felony battery and theft and was on supervised release when he was arrested for shooting Silva.

    If convicted of murder he would face life in prison.

    Original story with suspect picture can be found here: Fresno shooting

  • truthseeker100
    This will be an interesting case to watch. Mainly because it's in California. I am sure he will be convicted of something. But of what? We'll have to see.
  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    The shooter put the victim in the situation he found himself in. If I get shot in the femoral artery and the surgeon tells me my leg must be amputated as a result of the blood loss to the tissues and I refuse to have it amputated and I lose my life the circumstance within which I found myself was the direct fault of the shooter not myself.

    The brother who refused blood was put in that circumstance by the one who shot him and is as a result responsible for his death.

  • Tenacious

    Although this brother was obviously on the fringe of the org. I can help but pray for him and his family. He died perhaps not even knowing the full story on why the org. banned transfusions.

    Another young life taken in order to satisfy the lust for power of those imbecile maggots in NY.

  • PhilsWager2

    Ok, so he was a Jehovah's Witness because he refused a blood transfusion yet lived a life that's against all the commandments, how does that work? "Fringe Witnesses", have not heard that term in a while, the witnesses who bugged people to attend the Memorial would gossip bad things about them, so why bother asking them to join them during the "Lord's Evening Meal" if you've got nothing good to say?

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I'm certainly no lawyer, but I have long heard about the legal principle of "You take your victim as you find him."

    That means that whatever happens to someone as a result of an accident you cause or action you take, you are responsible for those injuries and/or losses even if another person would not have been affected to such a degree. For example, say you carelessly rear-end a car. An elderly person might have serious injuries and even die, whereas a younger and healthier person might not have been injured at all. You have to deal with the consequences of what actually happened due to your actions, not what might or might not have happened under different circumstances.

    Another legal principle I've heard about is "Intent follows the bullet." If you shoot at one person but hit another, even entirely by mistake, you are just as guilty of attempted murder or murder itself as if you had hit your intended victim.

    In this case, absent being shot in the first place, the victim would not have needed a blood transfusion. And no one can say for certain a blood transfusion would have saved this particular victim. Either way, the proximate cause of death may have been exsanguination, but the manner of death was homicide.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Arguing over gang membership?! Not putting into practice what was being taught at the KH!

    Well, there is the result.


  • BluesBrother
    Quevedo has already served time in prison for felony battery and theft and was on supervised release when he was arrested for shooting Silva.

    Cant say that I can spare any sympathy for this gangster or his facile defence argument

  • PhilsWager2

    There was a JW Pioneer former gang banger, he left the gang and found the truth until the elders stumbled him back to gang-land. This brother really tried his best to leave the past behind but all the elders would screw with him once he got baptized. They harrassed him over his dress, his working with single sisters(a no! no!) and married ones too, finally he succumbed to Satan as the elders spread and is back in jail until 2024. Did I mention he was a decent man and tried to change his past?

    Why look for "fringe people" if all your going to do is stumble them out the door because they won't kiss your ring or robe? That's why the Elders really hated him, he refused to kiss their ass, fingers and robes so they assaulted him verbally until he threatened to kick their ass. All this is from a reliable person and I asked this gang-banger if all was true, reluctantly putting his head down during the pre-trial he said "I had a very good thing, wish it was possible to ignore all Satan's assaults from me but someone had to stand up to those evil bastards(Elder Body).


    Fresno man facing murder charge after shooting a Jehovah’s Witness who refused blood transfusion

    The title of the thread is funny..

    It looks like someone shot a JW,because they refused a Blood transfusion..LOL!!..

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