The "Ice Cream Video" - is it real?

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  • stillin

    I agree with those who point out that she should be learning to think of others. This could be Caleb! Instead of getting the double-scoop for herself she may have been able to share and get single scoops, one for herself, one for Caleb.

    THAT would be a lesson. It would indicate that the loving Governing body isn't always only thinking of themselves.

  • Oogie

    Better video

    Edited by Chris Fugue over at JWR. It's got a better ending than the original one.

  • WTWizard
    I hope people get smart and stop donating anything at all. Money is supposed to be enjoyed, not thrown away.
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    All this money-begging from the Borg lately tells me they're worried and that the donations aren't coming in as much as they used to.

    In the countries that aren't in poverty, lots of JWs are leaving. The ones who remain are so hardcore that they don't earn any extra to donate. In the countries where JWs are still growing, everyone is so poor they don't have extra to donate either.

    But the real estate sales in Brooklyn ought to fund them for awhile yet, unfortunately.

  • Finkelstein

    In Watchtower land a good child is a brainwashed child with pocket change.

  • moomanchu
    w1962 5/1 278 How May I Contribute? Jehovah’s witnesses have never gone begging for finances.It's easier to brainwash a child than an adult.charlatans

  • rebelfighter

    In the Masonic community we have 3 different youth groups. I have been involved with one of them first as a youth then as an adult leader. Our youth is ask to pay annual dues (normally around $15, the surprising thing is a Masonic group will pay these for the girls each year). This is an international group of girls between the ages of 10 and 12. They learn many things BUT each year they raise money for HIKE -- Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment. In the US last year alone these girls raised $130,000. To be eligible to receive assistance from this charity all YOU have to do is complete the form, have the doctor complete his part of the form. The funds are available for any child in need between the age of birth and 20. We never ask about race, religion etc. Just need based.

    I have said on other threads that these cartoons are emotional abuse. As the Elder had said he had hoped I would see differently -- no chance -- my heart goes out to these kids. I read this stuff and I cannot tell you how much all this hurts from where I come from. If you all could only experience how the Masonic community treats kids. All the time, work and money we personally put into children. Before responding to this just look up Shriner's Hospitals for just one of the things we do.

  • rebelfighter
    Th as t age group is 10 and 20 For the girls.
  • rebelfighter
    Besides raising money for their philanthropic charity these girls also help with local food banks, nursing homes, homeless shelters and many community outreach programs.
  • Finkelstein

    Sounds like a very wholesome empathic thing to do for young girls into learning about caring for other people.

    Compare that to what the JWS does to their young girls ???

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