Boy, 7, taken away from his parents. Judge rules he has been damaged by his Jehovah's Witness mother's religious beliefs

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  • steve2
    Apologies fro geting your name wrong, Malachi Elijah - just noticed too late and couldn't edit.
  • Mephis

    I've read the judgement of this case. ( ) It's more complex than the Mail puts out (not a surprise), but yes, the mother has indoctrinated the boy in a way in which a very experienced judge feels has been very detrimental to this boy's wellbeing. eg He is so afraid of being around 'worldly people', he is refusing to even go to school.

    There is obviously a nasty split between the parents, neither of whom have put the boy's needs first. But the mother made assurances three years ago that she would not use religion to try and distance the boy from his father. She lied about that and not only has she damaged the boy's relationship with the father, she's caused her own son a great deal of distress (his dad's not going to live in paradise) and 'significant emotional harm'. This case has been in the courts for quite some time, and the judge has placed the boy into foster care as a last resort and with the sole desire that someone should be placing a distressed little lad's interests first.

    JWs, as I assume Malachi is, may not like it, but a high control religious group which enforces a doctrine of being separate is harmful at the best of times. In a case such this, it's been absolutely devastating for a child. I hope the lad gets all the help he needs to have a more balanced view of life.

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