Vermont Sisters Sue Jehovah's Witnesses For Child Sex Abuse

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  • Vidiot

    These comments stuck out the most to me:

    "We have made a document production request for those records in every case that we have with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they refuse to produce that documentation."

    "In cases that were already filed, the church has indicated it will not produce any documents"

    They didn't say the WTS is unable to provide information; they said "will not" and "refuse".


    Someone unfamiliar with the Org's past policies and actions might be left scratching their heads; "Why won't they cooperate? Don't they want to win the case? Refusing can't help but make them look bad."




    ...the WT Legal Dept is trying to stall as long as humanly possible, because a) losing and losing badly is a distinct possibility, and/or b) the documents in question may even be more incriminating then anyone had previously thought...

    ...i.e. they explicitly corroborate the plaintiffs' testimonies, and perhaps even expose the Org to even further wide-scale litigation of as-yet unreported cases in the near future.


    Even if one were ordinarily skeptical, it's compelling to think that this might actually contribute to bringing the Org to its knees, and before anyone suggests that this is "wishful thinking", consider this...

    ...authoritarian regimes who's actions suggest a distinct fear of collapse usually have that fear for a reason.

  • Apognophos

    I can't possibly get my hopes up about cases like this if they hinge on the Society giving up any documents whatsoever. Duh, this is why God invented the shredder.

  • joe134cd

    I wonder what the outcome would be If they didn't or had lost the relevant paper work.

  • truthseekeriam

    Very intresting information. It looks like the WTS is outright refusing to turn over documentation the courts are demanding they turn over. What does this mean?

    Can they be put in jail?

    All I know is if I was on a jury reading these letters to the elders I would completely see the cover up. Maybe thats why they are avoiding going to trial and just paying out.

    I hope these young women get whatever they need for closure.

  • wannabefree

    and will file a lawsuit in Connecticut on Wednesday against the Jehovah’sWitnesses.

    any news on this one yet?

  • Sol Reform
    Sol Reform

    Siblings Sue Jehovah's Witnesses Over Alleged Child Sex Abuse - CT.

  • Sol Reform
  • Sol Reform
    Sol Reform

    ' Phone calls to the Jehovah's Witness congregation in Bellows Falls were not returned on Tuesday or Wednesday.'

  • Blackbird Fly
    Blackbird Fly

    being in new england myself and having suffered similarly as a child, this is so upsetting. So glad my husband and I are done with this and my child is safe from this pedophile filled cult.

  • joe134cd

    Solreform= Gosh I didn't realise there was another one. It's sort of getting to the point where I'm loosing track of them. How successful they will be is another matter. 18 months ago I really didn't think that legally could be brought to its knees by child sex abuse. That's based on their Teflon like structure that nothing would stick to them. But now I'm wondering.

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