Is this desperation or common? What have you seen?

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  • FeelingFree

    My Grandparents both in their 80's became witnesses a long time ago after being called on. Bought their children up in the religion and stayed in for many years. Lived through the 1975 teaching and still remained faithfull if not a little bitter. Went through a terrible time with my mum who needed major surgery and received so much pressure for her to have a blood transfusion but resisted.

    They have woken up to the TTATT during the past few years, now neither of them believe it and feel very upset they wasted so much time and energy in this religion. Also they feel terrible that their children's lives were "ruined" by the org. In fact they have been instrumental in helping me and my husband realise that this really isn't the true religion. Now we have left the org after a rubbish fade they have been my greatest support. When I sometimes doubted my decision (not that I do anymore) they always proved to me that what I am doing IS right. Though I know if I had stayed in they would of supported me regardless.

    I feel sorry for them but then they thought they were doing what was best at the time just like all parents. They are just so pleased I have stopped the cycle now and another generation (my kids) wont have to go through it all. I love them very much.

  • humbled


    I LOVE YOUR PARENTS! I am so glad they were bave and left. I understand how they hurt to think of their legacy. But you seem to be a comfort right back to them.

    Truly, you deserve each other.


  • ShirleyW

    Backseat, my father, an elder was I hospice,it was just the next step to his illness. Why do the Dubs in your area feel they have to go to the elders for that ?

    Just shows it's a cult since they're not all on the same page.

  • Magnum

    FeelingFree - Interesting about your parents. I was wondering whether any older ones had awakened.

    sir82: I'm hearing more "out loud" grumbling from JWs in their 60's who expected to be petting pandas by now, but instead are forced to work well past retirement age because they have virtually no pension, due to "putting Kingdom interests first".

    Also interesting. Been wondering about that, too.

  • flipper

    WASANELDER- I think it's a combination of all the things you mention and ask. I believe most long time JW's act that way due to a combination of the WT mind control AND desperation to see unfullfilled expectations come true. My older JW parents have been in over 60 years since 1951 - and they both are in HUGE denial of the reality that they WILL die. Even though they see older ones dropping like flies in their mid 80's in their congregations - they still hold onto the pipedream. Their minds are so far gone and WT controlled- it's the only thing they have left- in their opinion. It's really sad to watch

  • FeelingFree

    Aww thanks guys for your lovely comments :) Its actually my Grandparents not my parents - my Grandma and Grandad. I dont know what I would do without them!

  • Vidiot

    I'll reiterate what I said in another post in a similar thread...

    Desperation, totally.

    Quiet desperation, but desperation, nontheless.


    The weird thing is, I started seeing it all the time while I was still in but only after I had begun grasping the TATT.

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