Will Jehovah's Witnesses eventually become an African religion?

by LogCon 12 Replies latest social current

  • opusdei1972

    Witnesses grow where there is more ignorance and less information.

  • Vidiot

    "African" religion? Not neccesarily, per se.

    "Third-World" religion, though? Definately in the cards.

  • kaik

    Africa is generally the last bastion of Christian indoctrination and ignorance. It is heaven for various crazies who hope to implement their theocratic version of Christian society and there is a huge demand for it in various segment of population. Latin America is becoming less religious and new crazies reached a barier where they cannot penetrate much deeper anymore. Even for evangelicals who brag how much they got foothold in Brazil, there is a clear indication that entire region is becoming more affluent, liberal, left leaning, and less religious. Totalitarian concenpt of Christianity will not likely strife there as much. WT will follow where are the money as do other religions, but also where they get the most venerated. Catholic church is shifting its focus on Africa and cares less for Europe or Northern America.

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