Will Jehovah's Witnesses eventually become an African religion?

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  • LogCon

    Are there any statistics to show that proportionally the JW's are growing at a greater rate outside of western countries and, in particular, the African continent?

    If so, anybody's guess ?....

    1] By what year would the organization be predominantly African in membership?

    2] Would the white managers of the religion start to manipulate or maneuver matters to keep the Africans a minority? How so?

    3] Would the African race eventually take over control and become the managers OR would it be much like the old cotton plantations, with the white minority controlling the black majority?

    4] Would the GB love hearing that, though so few whites are accepting the 'truth', that so many blacks are flocking to the organization?

  • fulano

    Well at this moment they are taking over parts of Europe.

  • steve2

    Um, what parts of Europe are they "taking over"? Should we be concerned? Have the respective governments of these parts of Europe been warned? Do they represent the same threat, say that ISIS or Russia does? Just wondering?

  • millie210

    I thought religion in general was dying out in European countries?

    How can the JWs be taking over?

    What am I missing?

  • hamsterbait

    You can bet the ebola stuff is being bashed on the drum in African nations. Pestilence and food shortages...

  • trillaz

    It would be interesting to show any signifigant growth of a particular nation. The numbers are tabulated in the yearbook right?

    I would be sure to never move there

  • hoser

    I say #3. The white overseers would run it like a cotton plantation.

  • steve2

    jwfacts.com tabulates the yearly rates of growth of the Witnesses country-by-country. It should be relatively straightforward to specify regions where the highest rate of growth is.

  • Zordino

    The GB could eventually build they're 'Head quarters'/ retirement center in Africa. Preferably near a tribe of Head Hunters.

  • prologos

    A knowledgable poster on the thread about 3d world countries opined that African nations in part are held back by hanging on to traditional beliefs, customs.

    The raw numbers with the Afro birth rate ccould overwhelm the first world, and the reason-based western religions like WTBtS INC. ( whatever reason there is left or ever was).

    The first humans came out of Africa, and they still do, across the Mediterranian. If tey find happiness in the WT good, and let them have the Top jobs too, but get a lesson from the money managers in the swiss banks, the cayman islands history could repeat itself. just saying.

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