Love all the people...

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Jhine from a biblical perspective i think the greatest words i have ever read were " forgive them they know not what they do". They are the words which applied elevate people. Why let people make us hate? but its not easy with those bloody dog walkers leaving that mess about.

  • cultBgone

    I think there's a huge difference between "hating" a person and disliking their actions. Love comes in at the level of trying to understand what motivates a person to act disagreeably. You don't need to be friends with those you dislike but you also don't need to label them and push them away. Allow them to be, and get on with your life without needing to react to their actions.

    A little kindness goes a very long way.

  • eyeuse2badub

    For many of us who have been raised as a JW, it is difficult to love or like individuals because the WTBTS 'poisoned the well' so to speak. Point in case, if our relatives were not JW's, we were basically told that we should not associate with them, i.e. not like/love them because they are part of Satan's system and will lead us astray. The same held "true"with anyone else who was not a JW. So being raised the JW way, we 'isolated' ourselves to an extent and it's damn hard to like/love someone we don't know. Once I woke up and discovered that there is a brave "new world" (tm) out there, I have found it very easy to like/love others. 99.9% of the folks that I have met and now associate with are very likeable, nice people. Learning ttatt is certainly a 'life changing event".

    just sayin'


  • Phizzy

    I find no problem with nearly 100% of the people I meet. Even ones others find unlikeable I manage to find something redeeming about them.

    I have always been this way, despite being a born-in J.W. Mrs Phizzy says I always attract the weirdos, which is only partly true, I mean at least some of my friends are almost normal.

    Look for at least something good in them, and most people have loads of good in them, and you will find it easy.

  • jhine

    Phizzy , absolutely true , most people do have something redeeming about them , if you take the trouble to look as you clearly do . My post above was obviously slightly tongue in cheek , but it is true that we are above all else (Christians ) told to love , which as I said is an attitude not an emotion . Looking for the better side of people is your way of loving .

    New Hope , CultBgone both of your comments are spot on , especially about the "bloody dog walkers " !


  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Kind of off topic, but revisiting this thread and next to my O.P was advertistment " I HAVE A DREAM" A gospel story in concert. It then had the Swedish dates of the show. I wonder if the add appeard because of my O.P " love all the people?"

    Maybe we have to great a love for tecnology and not enough love of people?

  • leaving_quietly

    I usually don't have an issue with people, and the more I'm freed of the JW thinking, the more I enjoy being around other people NOT LIKE ME.

    The other day, I went to a bar for lunch. I parked in the parking lot next to a beautiful Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I'm not a motorcycle guy, but it was a really nice-looking bike. When I entered the bar, there was only one other person there, a guy with all his Harley-Davidson gear on. Even before I got to the bar, I asked him if he owned the bike, which he confirmed he did. I commented that it was really nice looking. This guy was literally beaming with pride. He took me outside and proceeded to show me all it's features. It was a 2014 model, so had GPS, Bluetooth, and other fancy features to it.

    Keep in mind, this was a biker dude. Not someone I would have even spoken to a year or two ago out of fear of just the way bikers look. Not anymore. He was all too happy to show me his bike and we went back in and had a drink together. How cool is that?

    Most people are NOT jerks. If you give them a little respect, I find that most are decent people. They may not think like me about certain things, but so what? Why would I want to be around people who always think like me?

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Leaving quietlry:-

    That is a great post. I have come to realize that as a J.W everything is so superficial and judgemental. I have also come to enjoy pints in the pub:- both for the beer and the cast of charactors i have struck up conversations with. ( In my former congregation pubs were a no go)

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