Aren't Watchtower literature trolleys and stands illegal?

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  • jwfacts

    Watchtower lawyers are usually on top of this type of thing, so would not surprise me if they have made sure they are in their legal rights. I do think councils should be encouraged to not give permission to religious groups pushing their agendas in such public ways. It is an eyesore and can be hazard in crowded places. Most people selling things usually need to set up a stall proper market places, not on crowded streets, malls and outside train stations

  • smiddy

    Thats a good point Paul , I`m also in Australia and the next time I see them set up in a shopping area or other public place ,I will question the local council about whether its legal or not . and maybe even send a letter depending on the response I receive from the council to the local newspaper.

    I live in a regional area of victoria.If anything comes of this I`ll let you know.


  • stuckinarut2

    Hey Paul (and smiddy), I am also in Australia. The local cong in my area has gained approval from the local shire council to set up the stands on selected days.

    The area they have been allowed to do so is one that is used by a variety of groups at different times.

    Groups such as Unicef, The local Lions Club, School groups, Collectors for charities etc.... all get to use this spot.

    If witnesses used it outside of the approved time, they would be subject to penalties....

    BUT, they can discreetly just hand out leaflets all over town if they INDIVIDUALLY choose to at any time...but as an organization, the spot must ONLY be used when approved by the shire council.

  • steve2

    Hey, eyeusetobadub, I have just received a strongly worded protest document from the organ grinder's monkey who is deeply offended you would compare the JW trolley paraphernalia to his professional standard of public performance. You must desist in besmirching the monkey's reputation forthwith or he will make an unannounced visit and tweak more than your nipple.

  • GoneAwol

    Here in the Northeast of the UK, my town has a twice monthly market stall rented by the dubs. Costs them £80 quid per month that they all have to dip into pockets for. It's not allowed to be payed from the hall directly. And they have the al a carte (speaking not included) on the High Street everyday as well. All legit unfortunately...

  • smiddy

    LOL steve2

  • besty

    Morning commuters at my central London rail terminus are subjected to running the gauntlet in the following order:

    1 - Charity collectors - about twice a month there will be a team with buckets for cash donations - always good causes

    2 - Brand marketers releasing a new product will do give-away free samples of brekafast bars etc - popular with most people grabbing freebies

    3 - Free morning newspapers being handed out - ignore

    4 - Authorised homeless man selling Big Issue magazine - ignore

    5 - various unauthorised beggars - ignore

    6 - JW's with cart - ignore

    They are just another annoying obstacle which most people are visually filtering - it might be different at quieter locations - in Central London 99.99% of people stream past them without a glance.

  • Phizzy

    The Railways here in the U.K have a number of powers in excess of normal property owners, and they have their own Police force to make sure their customers are not inconvenienced.

    However, they seem pretty lax really in enforcing these at big stations, the problem being that beggars etc leg it when they hove in to sight. JW's and their silly trolley may come a cropper though, if they obstruct, they can't run away that fast.

    Years ago when small Stations actually had Staff on them , we used to go there to dish out Mags, and we had to make sure we were not actually on Railway property, or some Railway employee would tell us tp "Pee Orf !"

  • cofty

    Morning commuters at my central London rail terminus are subjected to running the gauntlet in the following order:


  • Paralipomenon

    Didn't they recently tell Witnesses with these trolleys not to approach people? They are to just stand there and if someone initiates a conversation, they can talk to them then.

    "Technically" in a legal sense, they are just standing there. This might be their way around such legislation.

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