A Challenge to Apoligists - Why Would a Heavenly Father Kill a Newborn?

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  • berrygerry

    As a father, made in God's love, that has troubled me for a very long time, is that God, as described by the WTS, is SOON, going to slaughter every, roughly, 7.9 billion people on the planet, because they have not figured out a way to come know/worship/obey him as a Father according to the WTS.

    As a father, dear apologist, why would you kill/murder a one-day old baby incapable of such reasoning?

  • notsurewheretogo

    Yes I remember this when I first joined...my family, none who are in, had children and I asked what happens to the kids if the Big a starts?

    I got told by an elder that the pattern in times past in the bible is that the kids were the responibility of the parents and if the parents perish the kids go to...in Noah's day, Soddom & Gomorrah etc.

    So fear not, the loving Jehoover will destroy all adults AND children at the Big A...which is coming soon don't you know? I mean, it is nearly 100 years since the Great Jebus was installed as king and he has been ever so busy*...

    * A touch of sarcasm added

  • Heartofaboy

    Good grief the JW's just love the old testament soooo much.

    Surely a loving heavenly father would do so much better.

  • berrygerry

    Mr. Enzo.

    It's a legit question.

    What say ye?

  • Onager

    This is because at the time the bible was written children (and women) were seen as chattels, possessions. Expendable assets if you like.

    That's why Job loses his livestock, possessions and his children.

    That's why it's ok for a husband to take his newlywed wife, if she hasn't shown proof of virginity, and have her publicly stoned to death.

    Thank goodness that in this day and age our morality and sensibilities have developed way beyond that vicious bronze age book.

  • Heaven

    I asked my JW Dad a similar question. Why would God allow an unborn baby to contract HIV from its mother? My Dad told me that it is because Jehovah knew that this child, in the future, would be doing something bad and deserved to contract the HIV.

  • Heartofaboy

    pre-destination then...........

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    When I was about ten years old, a Bethelite told me how one of the Governing Body answered that question at morning worship.

    The GB member said, "Folks will ask you, 'But what about all the babies and children at Armageddon? How can Jehovah kill them?' Well, little rats grow up into big rats!"

    The Bethelite told me this story with a big smile across his face, entirely satisfied with this answer.

    It disturbed the hell out of me.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Berrygerry:you ask a good question:-

    " Is God a Murdereer" ?

    The answer is YES.

    Now imperfect people with all there persuasiveness will try to justify that.

    Maybe an answer will be it is a challenge to satan? or maybe the Christian may answer " open your eyes and see the bigger picture"

    Well my eyes are open WIDE..." Why would God murder a one day old baby" ?....what is the bigger picture?

  • designs

    Or in the case of David's son God made the child have convulsions and high fever for days prior to his death.

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