I'm curious about the Publisher Record Card.

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  • lurkernomore

    Phizzy as far as i'm aware they have always been the ones to pass on the publisher card to the new congregation, but obviously if no new congregation is given i guess it continues gathering dust at your old one.

    It is worth noting though that throughout the EU the Data protection act is enforced with quite substantial penalties if your personal information is not either handed over or destroyed in it's entirety upon request. The Banks have found themselves on the wrong side of the law a few times in this regard by leaving shredded customer information in bin bags in the street rather than disposing of them in the proper way.

  • prologos

    Phizzy, they send not just the card , but a whole slew of judgemental tidbits about how you are perceived by the BOE.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My Publisher's card was lost being transferred from my old hall to the new one. The elders called Bethel and got a copy of it.

    To my knowledge, there is no copy of the PRC at the Branch. Only the Cong Sect maintains the individual cards.

    Now, the UK has some kind of privacy law that might affect that differently.


  • Magnum

    I agree with DesiroousOfChange and Phizzy about the Branch's not having copies of the cards.

    BerryGerry: There are some interesting historisities about this card.

    It used to be called the "Publisher's Record Card", which meant that it essentially belonged to the Publisher.

    Privacy and Access requests substantiated this as belonging to the Publisher.

    So the Borg changed it to "Congregation's Publisher Record Card"

    I was going to post that same thing. I've been aware of that for years and always thought it noteworthy. Many JWs say "Publisher's record card." But the org changed the name to indicate it belongs to the congregation.

    And to confirm what one or two have already said, in my days it was always the congregation that forwarded the card when one moved. And Prologos is right; they do send a letter of intro with the BOE's judgement of the one who moved.

  • suavojr

    they do send a letter of intro with the BOE's judgement of the one who moved.

    Internal ELDER gossip and by the way, they don't let you read or see this letter.

  • darkspilver

    @HowTheBibleWasCreated: I was once told that a publisher had the right to examine their own record card.

    Yes, but nobody really does in reality even though they've been encouraged to in the past, for example:

    Kingdom Ministry August 1991, page 10: "You may find it beneficial to look at your Congregation’s Publisher Record card."

    Of course a new feature of the Yearbooks for the last couple of years was the inclusion of a personal congregation publisher record card so JWs could basically have their own 'copy' - its on page 192 of the current edition - but the only ones particularly interested would probably only be the regular pioneers and they have an annual requirement, so that entails adding up each month's hours to work out how many more they need....

    Only the congregation holds the cards, I suppose sometimes cards may be sent via a local bethel, but they aren't set up for that, and let's face it if everybody did that it would no doubt overwhelm them with extra 'work'....

    Instructions for Letters of Introduction would seem to make them rather 'bland' - check the letter that yknot posted:


    That's all folks!

    DarK SpliveR

  • AlwaysBusy

    Phizzy ~ TWo elders visited me in my home 2 weeks ago. As I said, my publishers card was lost (I was told this by the elders). They said they called up Bethel and were given a copy. This is what they told me. Being a peon in the org, I only know what they tell me. It matters not to me.

  • sowhatnow

    wow, toweragent how did you not stand there and giggle like a ten year old?

    ive never seen mine, never signed anything, and its MIA right now has been for three years.

    becasue when i moved into an apartment while my husband and i were seperated

    it got sent to that cong, and then when i came back , it never came with me. one time an elder aksed me if i was going to return to the cong and where shoud he send y card to, and i said here i guess, i was stuned becasue i had been going there for almost 8 months.

    i never heard about it again. who the heck knows what it says, i never did anything to write down. maybe it says 'weak service habits' lol

    and why were we called publishers?

    because they publish books and 'sell' them

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