I'm curious about the Publisher Record Card.

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  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I was once told that a publisher had the right to examine their own record card.

    What would happen if a publisher examined it and threw it out?

    I'm curious.

  • prologos

    that would be brazen conduct?

    They are made of card board. I tried once during a lull in an interrogation to eat a similar incriminating piece of indenty card, and it did not work.

  • AlwaysBusy

    My Publisher's card was lost being transferred from my old hall to the new one. The elders called Bethel and got a copy of it.

  • toweragent

    I asked to see it once. The secretary said "No problem." and he pulled out my card, put it in the Xerox machine, and made a copy for me. Then he put the original back in the filing cabinet and locked it.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    About once a year or sometimes to "encourage" (read guilt trip) the cards are given out during a meeting part or by elder to an individual.

    Well, mine never went back. They tried to get me to sign a new one but i refused.


    The Publisher Record Card is only 'important' to those simple souls who still buy into the whole JW Game. It has no relevance whatsoever out in the real world. So just ignore the whole issue....let those a-holes do with it what they will. A sure fire and 'final' way to solve the Publisher Record Card Problem is to just say 'piss off' and walk out the door, never to return. So many problems will be instantly solved by doing just that.

  • berrygerry

    There are some interesting historisities about this card.

    It used to be called the "Publisher's Record Card", which meant that it essentially belonged to the Publisher.

    Privacy and Access requests substantiated this as belonging to the Publisher.

    So the Borg changed it to "Congregation's Publisher Record Card"

  • lurkernomore

    In any case the data protection act in the UK dictates that ANY data held on an individual has to be A. Be consented to be held by an individual and B. Be handed over or destroyed on request of said individual.

  • zeb

    My original fade began when at a convention we were told that the wts in south Africa (old regime) was handed theses cards on young men who were facing conscription to the South African army. This had two edges. One was the hypocrisy of a society that hid information on wife bashers ( I didnt know of the paedophile situation then) from the police but was quite happy to pass over this information. The other edge was forcing the same young men to do "More More more " in the fs so as to (try) and avoid army service.

  • Phizzy

    Always Busy , Bethel keep copies of Record Cards ? I think not.

    If you are moving away, or changing Congos, it might work to say, "I am not 100% sure which Hall I will attend as yet, but I will passs on my card when I have decided", and drift off in to the Sunset, Record card being disposed of.

    Or do they now insist on your giving the name of your new Congo, and them sending the Card on ?

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