New Awake! Dealing With Mental Illness

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  • Splash

    For decades they have said it's ok to seek professional help, but it is always with the suggestion that you need to be suspicious of it.

    *** w75 4/15 p. 256 Questions From Readers ***
    So, while Jehovah’s witnesses do not categorically rule out the possibility of treatment by doctors specializing in emotional or mental problems, if a Witness does consult such he should carefully scrutinize any treatment recommended. He should never forget that keeping Jehovah’s laws works toward his mental health today and everlasting life in the future.

    The persistent tone here is that it is permitted "if you really must", but be careful (Why? Of what?) and really, being a good JW should be good enough.

    It would have been so much kinder to say "Elders can give only give you so much support. For medical issues you should actively seek assistance from those qualified to do so, including doctors and mental health specialists."


  • FreeGirl2006

    Was #1 even mentioned in that silly secret elder's video with prayer and cookies being the miraculous cure-all?

    I know when I had my breakdown and followed my doctor's advice (umder no circumstances was I to meet with elders as the strain might push me to try suicide attempt as I was quite fragile) i was disfellowshipped in abstentia. No compassion or care shown in that shunning by my only friends and immediate family might aggravate the situation. Fortunately, they did me a favor and I was able to recover from my illness (Dubdom).

  • Oubliette

    We all need to keep in mind that the Awake! is primarily published for the public and contains "outsider" version of JW beliefs. The WT Study edition and other JW ONLY publications have a much different spin on many teachings, doctrines and practices of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Different Insider and Outsider doctrine is one of the hallmarks of a destructive, authoritarian group (aka: Cult).

    Also, as a few have commented, there is both the written law for JWs and the "unwritten" one. The examples Splash references above is a perfect example. There is always the implication that a "spiritually mature" person would never need to seek out the health of a "wordly" mental health professional.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I just want to say 20 years ago plus you would not have had such statements made by the Wt. Still Totally ADD

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    OH SHUT up AWAKE:- i could better that

    A. Do not dine alone.

    B. Develop your own interests.

    C. Dont drink your wifes tea.

    D. Do some voluntary work.


    F.......Leave the Watchtowr.....G.....forget the watchtower....H live a happy life free from the Watchtower.

  • zakharijah

    It's so nice of them to be thinking about us, mentally diseased apostates.

  • sparrowdown

    Awakw mags are designed for the general public.

    They are straight out of the "bait and switch" playlist for recruitment puposes,

    and not a true reflection of judgemental attitudes inside the cong.

  • LP97

    Number 1 is very ironic considering the recent Elders Video about dealing with JWs thinking about suicide. They never suggested any sort of medical help. Just read some scriptures, that'll solve everything...

    It's quite sad the WTBTS has to "play down" their true doctrines and practices for the public. One of the great evidences against it I believe - why are they embarassed about the truth? Surely there should be full transparency?


    True transparency, LOL!!! Hahahah!!!HAHAAHAHAHAH!!!! Good one! The WTBTS cannot be honest about their beliefs.

    I will make this distinction between the leaders and the sheep. The sheep seem to just want Gods Kingdom to save mankind from "Satan". They don't think it through and they don't read the bible. The Leaders know it's BS, or they desire the murder of the majority of the population and just maybe suffer from mental illness themselves. The GB practice legalism and use a false stylus, which condemns them by their own supposed standards.

    At any rate, you will NEVER see transparency. The GB will never and are not able to, defend The Truth. They won't even try because they would be openly exposed as liars to the world. The hide behind a legal machine and the guise of a "theological construct" the FDS. Its difficult do bring a mythical/collective yet "singular" being to justice. Also, any serious student of the ancient scrolls ( approved by the Council of Nicea ) called the bible, could easily destroy the GB in an honest scriptural discussion.

    So unlike their supposed brother, Jesus, the GB will not publicly discuss their faith and they run from the courts. Pretty sad behavior from the most spiritually minded, spiritually directed collective of human beings EVER ASSEMBLE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND'S EXISTENCE.

    What possible reason is there to continue publishing a "public" version of AWAKE/WT, cloaked in ambiguity, and an insider JW version?? Why have an entire website devoted to presenting an "image" to the public? Why lie in the FAQ section of the website? Did "Jesus" ever teach two versions of Xianity, one to the public and one to his flock??



  • sowhatnow

    number 9 should read

    enjoy your spiritual blessings as given you from God.

    smiddy if you let your mind boggle too much youll loose a few screws, lol

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