Audrey Mock Knorr Hyde And Where Are We Going?

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  • WingCommander

    What, you haven't heard? Mark Sanderson is one hip dude! Apparently he likes to dance with the hottest young delegates at the International Conventions!! Being a GB Member today is waaaaaay different than decades past, because to be one of the octo-Popes today means you are a freakin' Rock Star that is revered and worshipped and gushed out over wherever you go! You think Mark Sanderson is a VIRGIN? Hahahahahaha! - Sucker! I bet that porkly, bald headed social retard gets more blow jobs than Hugh Heffner! He annointes them with his oil, than blesses and kisses them.

    And Tony Morris? He's livin' large on the Sheeple's dime, yo! Nothing but tailored suits and Rolex watches as he entertains Caleb & Sophia on his lap like Walt Disney. And the food! You think the GB Members eat the same shitty cafeteria food that the grunts eat? Hahahahaha! One look at how rotund they all are, tells me they have lunch and dinner brought in from some of NYC's finest restaraunts. Those guys are living the high life.....flying 1st class, and laughing all the way to the bank as they reap the rewards of the flock's gullability.

    - Wing Commander

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