Audrey Mock Knorr Hyde And Where Are We Going?

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  • ctrwtf

    I've been thinking about Audrey Mock Knorr Hyde since I heard about her death some weeks ago.

    I met her while at Watchtower Farms in the early Eighties. I knew her second husband Glen before Alzheimers really began to take its toll. I remember a conversation with her in which she noted that perhaps one of the most notable teachings of the JW's was that there was no hell. She reflected on what a god-dishonoring teaching it was. Of course she failed to note how god dishonoring it was to believe that god's bloodlust would soon wipe out billions of innocents at armageddon.

    Still she seemed genuine and affable. Not at all aloof or superior. I liked her for that.

    What has stunned me in hindsight is the fact that this woman spent nearly 70 years of her life institusionalized. Even though for a short period of time she was Audrey Knorr, with all the privileges and power, she spent most of her life in relative obscurity.

    Almost 70 years of waking at the same time. Eating breakfast at the same time. Hearing on occasion a lunatic GB member rail against Star Wars or the Smurfs during morning text. Monday WT studies with the same old drivel week after week. Like the rest of the R and F, meeting after meeting, week after week, month after month, decade after decade. No children. Shitty cafeteria food every day of your life. The endless banal droning of the WT propaganda machine.....Did I mention no children?

    I remember hearing about the bethelites that had been there for many years. There was a general consensus that at some point their cheese had slid off their cracker. Their elevator didn't stop at all the floors. A few beers short of a sixpack.

    What strikes me is that mostly intelligent people will keep doing the same thing over and over again because of familiarity. Because they wish to be seen as keeping to the faith. Because they want to keep the status quo. This in spite of the fact that they may be aware that their beliefs have been unshrouded as false.

    I try to keep a positive view of humanity. That as a species we are moving on to brighter and better futures. Yet when I think of folks like Audrey I get depressed. Many here have written posts postulating and hoping that there will be some sort of end to the WT. I hope they're right. I really, really do. What I'm afraid of is that human weakness will keep that from happening.

  • jgnat

    What you have described very much reminds me of the Eloi in H. G. Well's "The Time Machine".

    If it's any assurance, I don't think all of us prefer the institutionalized existence.

  • pontoon

    Well said, ctrwtf. I also new Audry and Glen, nice people. In the same congregation for some time. Were you in the Hudson Valley area? PM me

  • matt2414

    ctrwtf and pontoon, were you both at the Farm? I was there from 1989 till about 1991, before leaving for a foreign assignment. I knew Audry and had some interesting conversations with her. She frequently referred to "Nathan" in conversations, during morning worship and during the Bethel family WT "study." She was very nice, but for some reason I always felt a little sad for her.

    She told me before leaving on my mission that "Nathan always used to say that 'if you can learn from a problem, then it wasn't really a problem after all. It was simply a learning experience, and that's a good thing.' So just remember that when you get to your assignment."

    I'm surprised she lived nearly 25 years after telling me that. She was already using an electric cart to get around the Farm.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Yes, I spent some years in bethel, and saw the long term institutionalised people.... No idea of the real world outside of bethel!

    Oh, they thought they understood , but they had no idea of life outside of bethel......

  • lrkr

    Spent some time at WTF too. She was always fun to talk to.

  • Oubliette

    Of course she failed to note how god dishonoring it was to believe that god's bloodlust would soon wipe out billions of innocents at armageddon.

    Catholic Hell = JW Armageddon.

    It's all about control and manipulation through hell.

    I like this explanation:

    Interesting question. When I started studying with JWs one of the sticking points I had with OTHER religions was Hellfire.

    The fact that JWs did NOT believe in the Hellfire doctrine appealed to me. Of course at some point in my studies I I learned about Armageddon, but that was God destroying "the wicked" so it was OK with me (at the time).

    It took some time before it dawned on me the dilemma by that doctrine, .... But by then I was pretty well indoctrinated as a good little witness and knew (but not quite accepted) the answers repeated by [so many JWs].

    For many years I tried to set aside the cognitive dissonance in my mind between JW theology on this point and my own conception of a loving, just God. I actually never quite got over this contradiction. In the meantime, I would try to witness to my "un-believing" relatives and friends when I could because, hey, we love 'em and don't want them to die at Armageddon. How annoying I must have been to them.

    Note to self: Better apologize to all my "un-believing" relatives and friends for being an obnoxious ass!

    Also, JW indoctrination is really good at making us feel bad: Those nagging doubts we have are evidence of OUR lack of Faith, Understanding, Knowledge, Spirituality, etc. We are the one in error, we are the weak one. It couldn't possibly be the FDS or it's GB. They are after all God's Channel ... blah, blah, blah.

    It was only after the doubts kept piling up in my mind and the evidence of their hypocrisy and lack of divine backing became overwhelming that I could clearly see that the problem with this "dilemma" is not me, it's their error.

    Oh, and BTW, I also realized that the WTBTS's "God will destroy the wicked at Armageddon ..." doctrine is really just another variation of the Hellfire teaching.

    After all, the whole point is to manipulate and control through fear: Death at Armageddon, Burning Forever in Hell ... just another variation on a theme. Hey, whatever works!!!

  • Jeannette

    Obliette, I have made the same comparison myself. There is no difference, and it is all about comtrol and manipulation. Neither one of them are true.

  • williamhconley

    I spent almost 6 years in Bethel and what you said about them is absolutely true. I would see Bethelites that were there for 20-50+ years and see how out of touch with life they were, no compassion, no social skills, no thinking ability, their dress and grooming very odd. Especially among those bethelites that never married were the weirdest. I also saw how those that would leave to have a real life to have children or get married were looked down upon as not being self sacrificing.

    I thought to myself no way in hell I will spend my life in this place and end up like them.


  • sir82

    no compassion, no social skills, no thinking ability, their dress and grooming very odd. Especially among those bethelites that never married were the weirdest.

    One shudders to think how Sanderson, the 50 year old virgin GB member, will turn out in a decade or 2.

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