Reflections - Updating MD card - did you stop updating?

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  • OneEyedJoe

    The last card I filled out and signed was 2004. Actually, that's the only "blood card" I ever signed, as prior to that I only had the "Identity Card" for non-baptized people (which I still don't understand...why would they withhold the full protection of the blood card from unbaptized people if they want it?). I pulled it out and destroyed it about 2 days after my first post here.

    After the changes to allow fractions, I could never wrap my head around the no blood thing. That, and I always instinctively push back when people try to get me to do something. So, I've never had a medical directive on file at the KH, I don't return the forms the secretary is always trying to get me to fill out with my address and phone numbers, etc. The blood thing was just another case of everyone saying it's important, but it didn't make sense to me so I refused to re-do it.

  • blondie

    Do they use cards any more or is it a larger more permanent document Healthcare Power of Attorney, that only needs to be updated if you move to another state (different laws) (or province) or change the signers or medical details.

  • sir82

    In the US at least, they have switched over to a "durable power of attorney" (DPA) over 10 years ago. No more annual updates, the same card applies indefinitely.

  • goingthruthemotions

    I shredded mine and our kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F$%k the BullSh%t

    It's a cult!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blondie

    In the US if you move from one state to another, get some legal advice about whether you need to update it...they are governed by state law, not federal law.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    There is some very strong programming that went all the way back to my early childhood.

    I carried the blood card for three years after I ceased believing in the policy - just in case

    I was questioned! I wasn't even going to meetings and still had the card in my wallet.

    I believe I mention the story in my JME article:

  • respectful_observer

    I stopped updating mine on a regular basis back in college, and stopped carrying one all together about 10 years ago. My spouse hasn't carried one either, since we met...which is interesting because my spouse claims to refuse blood if needed, although would take any of the fractions allowed. In fact at the last meeting there was an elder handing a few out right next to us and my spouse clearly saw it, but didn't even give it a second glance or mention to me that we need to fill one out (which really surprised me).

  • Apognophos

    I stopped filling them out after 2000 when the blood fraction policy was introduced. I think I was subconsciously stumbled. My personal "Bible-trained" belief was that it was obviously wrong to accept any kind of fraction, if blood had this sacred status -- but at the same time I saw no reason to disallow treatment that involved removing my own blood and treating it before putting it back in (the scripture about pouring it out obviously had nothing to do with medical treatment).

    Since I couldn't figure out how to fill out the card according to my own conscience, I just kept the old one that refused blood of any sort. It took me at least a year after learning TTATT to actually remove it from my wallet.

  • blondie

    I left in 2001 and realized having a HCPOA that accurately reflected my health wishes was necessary immediately. But I got rid of the old ones, yes ones, with the doctors, the clinic files, the hospital files, and from the ones that signed it. I just told them I was updating it based on the new info. Then I put new ones in place with my doctors, clinic, and hospital using non-jw signers and reps.

    The WTS did not invent the concept of an HCPOA, many states have forms online you can use and the procedures that state requires.

  • sir82

    It's kind of curious - the blood doctrine hardly gets a mention anymore. Once a year in the KM at most.

    Not sure if it is significant, but "just don't say anything about it" for 2 or 3 years is the Watchtower MO when they decide to change a doctrine.

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