1914 or 1934 ?

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  • Rattigan350

    "I have thoroughly researched the Watchtower doctrine of 1914, and am convinced it is neither biblically or historically correct."

    No you have not thoroughly researched it.

    And it is biblically and historically correct.

    "Watchtower time prophecy of 2,520 years and apply it to the true historical date when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians; 586/587 b.c.e.."

    If you thoroughly researched it, you would understand that the 7 times does not start at the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. It starts when the kings in the line of David lose their sovereignty. That happened in 607 though Jerusalem fell in 587. They continue to hold that 607 was the fall

    of Jerusalem because if they change it, it would be too embarassing.

    "Now to be clear, I do not believe in the 2,520 year time prophecy. It is not in the scriptures or in history"

    Yes, it is. Otherwise how can it be explained that the kings in the line of David stopped servicing on Jehovah's Throne when the prophesy of Nathan

    said they would. How can it be explained that Jesus did not become king when he was on earth.

    Here's an idea. Open up your mind to more than what The Watchtower teaches.

  • Finkelstein

    It bares well to keep in mind that the WTS. purposely exploited world events to support (their) assertion that mankind

    is now living in the last days, which pretty much was its set marketing strategy from its earliest formation of this religious publishing house.


    Unfortunately there is a large portion of the general population that is not well educated on history so assuming that assertion from a believability

    standpoint became valid helped along by the inherent belief in the bible itself. (god's word)

  • Chris Tann
    Chris Tann

    Thanks for the correction Ann O Mally. My bad. Good point T D.

  • Chris Tann
    Chris Tann

    Hey Rattigan, can you give me the prophecy of Nathan that you refer to? Thanks. I will look into what you are saying and get back to you after I'm done.

  • AnnOMaly

    It starts when the kings in the line of David lose their sovereignty. That happened in 607 though Jerusalem fell in 587.

    Wondering, Ratt: why not count the loss of sovereignty with Jehoahaz's vassalage to Egypt in 609?

    Also, how did Jehoiakim become vassal to Babylon 2 years before Babylon invaded Palestine, where King Nabo. and Prince Neb. were busy that year subduing the peoples of the Urartu and Zagros(?) mountains, hundreds of miles to the north and east?

    Thanks for the correction Ann O Mally. My bad.

    Easy done, Chris. Been caught out myself

  • sir82

    It starts when the kings in the line of David lose their sovereignty. That happened in 607

    Yeah, this is the first time I've ever seen this claim.

    What exactly happened in the year 607 BC to initiate a "loss of sovreignty"?

  • TD

    We've also had protracted discussions here before over how the 360 "Prophetic Year" is not really how the Jewish calendar worked, even in antiquity and when it's applied to a period of two and a half millenia (As opposed to relatively tiny periods of 3 1/2 or 7 years) it loses all meaning and becomes ridiculous.

  • AnnOMaly

    ... Not to mention why there should be a dual fulfilment for Dan 4 in the first place.

  • Finkelstein

    Jesus explicitly told his followers that no one will know the time of his return toward establishing his kingdom and that it is not for anyone to try and guess and make

    a time ... making a calculation exactly like the WTS did. (1914) in direct opposition to what Jesus was speaking about

    The return of the Jesus Christ was a main stay doctrine used by many religious charlatans all the way back to the early 1800's., all endeavored for various reasons.

    These men thought they personally cracked a code placed in the bible ambiguously that no one else could do, making these men specially chosen or gifted by god himself as it were.

    Just about all of these religious teachers/thinkers had one thing in common among themselves, they all had printed publications to offer to the people and gave public talks

    to support their theological assertions.


    They were all wrong based from the actual writings of the bible.

    However they were able to attract attention from a segment of public more so on instilled emotion, infused with delusional imagination, framed in ignorance.


    Dear God,

    Thanks for making everything so easy to understand. Thanks also for time prophecies and stuff.


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