1914 or 1934 ?

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  • Chris Tann
    Chris Tann

    I have thoroughly researched the Watchtower doctrine of 1914, and am convinced it is neither biblically or historically correct. But every now and then I wonder how ironic it is that World War 1 did start in that year, also pestilence and famine perused. Maybe, just Maybe the Witnesses are correct. So with that nagging doubt in my mind I decided to take the Watchtower time prophecy of 2,520 years and apply it to the true historical date when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians; 586/587 b.c.e..

    It is a Difference of 20 years from the date Jehovah's Witnesses say Jerusalem fell; 607 b.c.e.. Therefore 2,520 years from 586/87 b.c.e brings us to 1933/34. Did anything of significance happen at that time? YES! Adolf Hitler became chancellor of the German army and a year later dictator. Shortly thereafter his actions caused World War 2 , which was greatly more destructive than World War 1.

    Now to be clear, I do not believe in the 2,520 year time prophecy. It is not in the scriptures or in history. Nor am I saying that it is 1933 that Jesus started to rule invisibly in kingdom power. The point Iam making is that the year 1933 and 34 is just as significant, if not more,as 1914. Especially if Witnesses consider that it was in World War 2 when Jehovah's Witnesses were extremely persecuted in Nazi camps.

    You see, many Witnesses say that when Satan was expelled from heaven he started the first World war. Well, one can make the argument that if we apply their same time prophecy to the date that all the historical data gives as to when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians(586/87), that this is when Satan was cast out and he directed Hitler by making him chancellor ,giving him the power to start World War 2.

    Conclusion: 1914 is not such a unique fingerprint for Christ coming into power and for the sign of the last days to begin.

  • ILoveTTATT

    don't give them ideas!!


    Hey, I have thoroughly researched Bible prophecy and have come up with a remarkably accurate date: in January 1949 I pooped my diaper for the first time. It's really amazing how the Bible writers can know these important events thousands of years before they occur.

  • Hairtrigger

    Numbers are an exact science. Going by this assumption, and if the bible has stated numbers correctly, then there should be no room for speculation. Events should occur as the tumblers fall. Not six yearsand 8 months later as in the case of Hitler's chancellorship Jan 30th 1933- and the second WW. Sept 1939 to Aug 12, 1945.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Another important point to remember about the bogus 1914 doctrine is this: JWs teach christ was enthroned in October of that year and that his first act as King was to expell satan. WWI is supposed to caused by the anger of the already expelled satan. But here's the problem: WWI started in late July of 1914 - months before Jesus' enthronement and Satan's expulsion! So WWI actually does not fit the time line of Jesus being enthroned in October 1914.

    It's interesting to note that the last public magazine that featured WWI was suspiciously silent in not mentioning the exact date or month when WWI started. You can be sure that even Watchtower is aware of this inconsistency and tries hard to avoid the subject.

  • Finkelstein

    I wonder how ironic it is that World War 1 did start in that year, also pestilence and famine perused.

    There were many wars around the world before 1914 and in numbers as well.

    As for pestilence and famine that was also around the word thousands of years before 1914 as well, some which actually killed off entire civilizations.


    The actual calculation making by Russell and those others before him were done so against bible Scripture, told by Jesus himself.

    But hey doesn't Jesus's triumphant return sound salable from a publishing perspective ?


  • Ocean1111

    True, "World War" is unique. World war is the theme of the climax periods of global power consolidations into corporate financial, industrial and technological powers. It is no accident the Federal Reserve system was set up just before WW1 erupted. Ever hear the term grinding the gravy train? Well the Fed is the main crank of World War 1 profiteering. All a big coincidence? Probably not.

    So in effect WW1 did change the course of human history, even the " Cold War" and the " Global War on Terror" are world wars, merely unique in deployment and purpose, so the theme has continued since 1914-1918 (WW1 duration) and will continue until world peace is actually achieved under a UN related world government over a fourth global war and tribulation cycle. (Say in 7 to 14 years or so).

    Thus the " League of Nations" foundational international government work was also very significant regardless of whether one tries to attach it to prophecy or not, it is what it is: the Embryo of World Government.

    And all those things will continue to develop to the goal of world government and world "peace and security", it is not static and like it or not WW1 did set the theme for the whole following century. And that is just secular significance, it itself has nothing to do with prophecy, it just is what it is. 1914 is deemed significant as a historic turning point by the world itself due to the world-war-to-world-government dialectic formula, the "problem" to world government "solution" formula that earmarks the overall cycle as a whole.

    Guess what?

    Same cycle and dialectic occurred after WW2 as the United Nations emerged after that world war was resolved.

    And again! After the Cold War the UN made a "world government" "solution" pitch and presentation again. Now we see a 1-2-3 pattern. As all those seemingly random "world war" "problems" resolved, lo and behold the handy global government pitch emerges.

    Thus expecting a fourth cycle of the same formula to finally result in actual world government is predictable not from prophecy, but by sheer "common sense". It is the way the world operates, it has happened three times already, all it takes is one more global war and financial tribulation cycle to cap off the "solution" with one big "problem" designed to resolve into that final presentation. (So do NOT buy the JW "end of the world" BS, that simply aids the process).

    For prophecy buffs out there, this is why in Matthew 24:29 Christ arrives AFTER "that tribulation" has ended into that world government finale. Neither JWs, Bethel or Christian commentators can explain why Christ arrives AFTER the "tribulation of those days" has ALREADY resolved. Now we know why. It is the tribulation-to-world-government cycle problem-to-solution formula that has to finalize before Christ arrives. It appears the "tribulation of those days" is the final world-war-to-world-goverment cycle that produces the goal of global government.

    Apostate Bethel hasn't mentioned the "tribulation of those days" in print for about 11 years or so, so they are co-promoters of the premature "end of the world" delusion like many other Christian commentators.

    Thus in retrospect it does not take prophecy to make global events and their associated dates significant. Like July 4 for example, has nothing to do with prophecy. It simply is what it is, 1776 associated with certain milestone events of July 4. But make no mistake, world government will indeed be a significant event regardless of religious inclination or not, and it did arrive in the overall WW1 1914-1919 cycle.

    So in history of the future, 1914 will have been a significant date in the overall world government quadruple cycle process, it did begin in 1914 due to world events. It's just a year date, but interesting things occurred in and after that year of greatly unique nature. The supra-national private corporate financial system started to truly "globalize" at that time as well for example, at least it set the pattern for the future to follow WW1.

  • NewYork44M

    It would have been nice if the Watchtower actually foretold something that actually took place. Where prior to 1914 did they foretell the events that actually took place? They identified a date, they actually identified many dates (but you never hear of those).

    And isn't it a little embarrassing that they did not know there was not "0" year. That is a basic piece of information if you are going to do calculations.

  • Crazyguy

    Rev 1:5 says he was already king and by the end of the book he is God.

  • steve2

    Chris, you make some considered comments about 1914 and 1934.

    You will undoubtedly be aware that history is full of dates of significance. 1945 is noted for introducing the age of the atomic bomb and the concept of mutually assured destruction. Its massive ability to obliterate dwarves World War One weaponry.

    Russell and Rutherford, presidents in their time of The Watchtower Society, taught that the last days of this system of things began - NOT in 1914 as is currently taught - but in 1799! Rutherford later adjusted the timeline and 1799 was erased from Biblically significant dates.

    How many Witnesses even know that 1799 once had huge significance in earlier Watchtower publications? Likely not many - but I'd wager, even fewer of them would even care!

    In this century, 9/11 signifies another momentous date.

    All these dates "prove" is the human penchant for finding dates of significance closer to their own lifespan than much earlier ones. Russell knew from his parents and grandparents the historical ramifications of the French Revolution and its connection with 1799.

    Oh, and humans love dressing up these sorts of important dates with spiritual puffery that would have the superior inhabitants of the heavenly realms rolling their all-seeing eyes in amusement at the earnestly serious imaginings of earth's gullible dwellers. Children have fairy stories, adults, "Inspired" Writings, falsehoods for different ages.

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