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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 09-21-2014 WT Study (JULY 15, 2014, pages (23-27) OLD TESTAMENT JWS

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    The WTS refers to Isaiah 43:10 with a snippet that includes the word “Jehovah” from an OT reference. Next week, the WTS snippet from Acts 1:8 deceptively implies that “witnesses of me” also refers to “Jehovah” when actually the speaker is Jesus and he is saying that they would be witnesses of Jesus, in fact in the NT the only references are to witnessing for/about Jesus.

    This is exactly was the WTS does in Acts 15 when it inserts the phrase “governing body” in their publications implying that those words occur in the bible by almost always placing Acts 15 near. Note the WTS never puts “” around governing body though not directly saying it is from the bible. I had been a jw for many years before I realized that that phrase never occurred in the bible. In fact the Insight volumes only research words in the bible which is why the main listings do not include “governing body” only in the explanatory material.

    *** it-1 p. 470 Circumcision ***

    After Jehovah showed his acceptance of Gentiles into the Christian congregation, and since many from the nations were responding to the preaching of the good news, a decision had to be made by the governing body at Jerusalem on the question, Is it necessary for Gentile Christians to get circumcised in the flesh? The conclusion of the matter: The “necessary things” for Gentiles and Jews alike did not include circumcision.—Ac 15:6-29.

    Did you know that up until April 1, 1977, the WTS spelled Jehovah’s Witnesses as Jehovah’s witnesses with a lower case w? In fact, jws were counseled if they did not do that because the WTS felt it became a religious organization’s name not a description of what members did in their lives.

    *** w76 4/1 p. 204 Let Everyone Take Life’s Water Free ***

    Despite opposition and charges that he was ‘letting down his nation,’ he gave up his promising boxing career, was baptized as one of Jehovah’s witnesses, and is now determined to “fight the fine fight of the faith” in order to “get a firm hold on the real life.”—1 Tim. 6:12, 19.

    Reminiscent of the Roman army officer Cornelius is the experience of a captain in the defeated Biafra army. He observed the honesty and steadfastness of Jehovah’s Witnesses during the civil war, at which time many of them were hated and mistreated. The first week after the war he began attending their Bible-study meetings, and he is now a baptized member of the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Abe.

    Similarly, the WTS spelled the phrase “governing body” with lower case until 1974/1975 when it became uppercase Governing Body but only in reference to their current group rarely if ever in referring to the so-called governing body of the first century.


    “You Are My Witnesses”

    “‘You are my witnesses,’ declares Jehovah.”—ISA. 43:10.


    How did the Israelites serve as witnesses of Jehovah?

    What does God’s name mean?

    How can we show appreciation for the privilege of bearing God’s holy name?

    1, 2. (a) What does it mean to be a witness, and in what notable way

    has this world’s news media failed? (b) Why does Jehovah not depend

    on this world’s media?

    WHAT does it mean to be a witness? One dictionary gives this

    definition:“Someone who sees an event and reports what

    happened.” For example, in the city of Pietermaritzburg,

    South Africa, a newspaper now called The Witness has been

    published for over 160 years. The name is fitting, since the

    purpose of a newspaper is that of reporting accurately on

    events that take place in the world. The founding editor of The

    Witness pledged that the newspaper would tell “


    Why not tell us what dictionary? The freedictionary?

    Why not name the editor, when he said it? David Dale Buchanan

    Actually, the real reference in the Christian world is martyr.

    2 Sadly, though, the world’s news media has largely ignored

    or even distorted the most important facts of human history.

    This is certainly the case with what the almighty God stated

    by means of his ancient prophet Ezekiel: “The nations will

    have to know that I am Jehovah.” (Ezek. 39:7) But the Sovereign

    Ruler of the universe does not depend on this world’s

    media. He has some eight million Witnesses who tell people

    of all nations about him and his past and present dealings

    with mankind. This army of Witnesses also announces what

    God promises to do for the future blessing of mankind. By

    giving this witness work our priority, we prove true to our

    God-given name, as stated at Isaiah 43:10: “‘You are my

    witnesses,’ declares Jehovah, ‘yes, my

    servant whom I have chosen.’”


    Can you think of any “most important facts of human history” that the WTS has distorted?

    But how many jws introduce themselves as jw? Rather they dance around it until later if then afraid it will turn people off.

    In the beginning of the WTS, members only had the hope of going to heaven to rule as kings and priests with Christ, and that only a total of 144,000 total would be chosen. Isaiah 43:10 refers to Israelites and the WTS teaches that only the 144,000 are “spiritual” Israelites and thus Jehovah’s witnesses.

    *** w66 2/15 pp. 118-119 par. 15 Identifying the Present-Day Beneficiaries ***

    In speaking of the marking work, page 111 of Vindication said that “this work of giving the testimony is not for the purpose of converting the people of the world and bringing them into some organization, but it is to make known the fact that those who desire to flee from the wicked organization of Christendom may do so and declare themselves on the Lord’s side, and thus be in line to be brought through the time of trouble, when the slaughtering begins.” Thus no real gathering and organizing of these marked ones, the “other sheep,” was encouraged, even in the year 1931, when the remnant of the 144,000 spiritual Israelites embraced the name “Jehovah’s witnesses.”

    *** w66 2/15 p. 120 par. 21 Identifying the Present-Day Beneficiaries ***

    Thus this secondary class of spirit-begotten spiritual Israelites was still diverting the attention of the remnant late in 1934 and was taking a place of greater importance than the Jonadabs or earthly “other sheep” class, who were to be marked in their foreheads. (Ezek. 9:4) So these marked ones were not specifically invited to attend the celebration of the Lord’s Supper on Nisan 14, 1935.

    3, 4. (a) When did the Bible Students adopt a

    new name, and how did they feel about it? (See

    opening image.) (b) What questions will we

    now consider?

    3 What a privilege it is to bear the

    name Jehovah, for he is “the King of eternity,”

    who says: “This is my name forever,

    and this is how I am to be remembered

    from generation to generation”!

    (1 Tim. 1:17; Ex. 3:15; compare Ecclesiastes

    2:16.) In 1931, the name Jehovah’s

    Witnesses was adopted by the Bible Students.

    Afterward, many letters of appreciation

    were published in this journal.

    “The good news that we are ‘Jehovah’s

    witnesses’ has thrilled us, and filled us

    with renewed determination to be worthy

    of the new name,” wrote one congregation

    from Canada.


    Remember Jesus said at Acts 1:8 that his followers would be witnesses of Jesus; and late by “divine providence” by God, his followers were called Christians; why did the anointed of the WTS choose “Bible Students” and then “Jehovah’s witnesses” later rejecting “Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses”

    More likely Rutherford changed the name because of all the Bible Students that had left or been cast off because they did not obey Rutherford.

    4 How can you show your appreciation

    for the privilege of bearing God’s

    name? Also, can you explain the

    Scriptural context from which our name, Jehovah’s

    Witnesses, is taken?


    5, 6. (a) In what way were Israelite parents to

    be witnesses of Jehovah? (b) What else were Israelite

    parents commanded to do, and why

    does the same need apply to parents today?

    5 Individual Israelites of Isaiah’s day

    were “witnesses” of Jehovah, and the nation

    as a whole was God’s “servant.” (Isa.

    43:10) One way Israelite parents witnessed

    was by teaching their children

    about God’s dealings with their forefathers.

    For example, when being instructed

    to observe the Passover each

    year, the people were told: “When your

    sons ask you, ‘What does this observance

    mean to you?’ you must say, ‘It is

    the sacrifice of the Passover to Jehovah,

    who passed over the houses of the Israelites

    in Egypt when he plagued the

    Egyptians, but he spared our houses.’”

    (Ex. 12:26, 27) Those parents may also

    have explained to their children that

    when Moses first approached Egypt’s

    ruler to ask permission for the Israelites

    to worship Jehovah in the wilderness,

    Pharaoh replied: “Who is Jehovah, that I

    should obey his voice to send Israel

    away?” (Ex. 5:2) Of course, it could also

    be related that after ten plagues devastated

    the land and after the Israelites escaped

    from Egypt’s army at the Red Sea,

    the answer to Pharaoh’s question became

    clear for all to see. Jehovah was

    —and is—the Almighty. Also, the Israelite

    nation became living witnesses that Jehovah

    is the true God and the Fulfiller of

    his promises.


    But that only says to teach your sons…………

    When your sons ask you, ‘What does this observance

    mean to you?’ you must say, ‘It is the sacrifice of the Passover to Jehovah,

    Did you know that only males were required to go to the festivals? But the men would have been bogged down taking care of the boys…so the women could come.

    (Deuteronomy 16:16) 16Three times in the year every male of yours should appear before Jehovah your God in the place that he will choose: in the festival of the unfermented cakes and in the festival of weeks and in the festival of booths, and none should appear before Jehovah empty-handed.

    6 Israelites who appreciated the privilege

    of bearing Jehovah’s name no doubt

    reported these wonderful developments

    not only to their children but also to the

    foreigners who became slaves in their

    households. Equally important, the Israelites

    were commanded to train their

    children to observe God’s standards of

    holiness. Jehovah said: “You should be

    holy, because I, Jehovah your God, am

    holy.” (Lev. 19:2; Deut. 6:6, 7) What

    a find pattern this sets for Christian

    parents today, who must likewise train

    their children in the ways of holiness,

    thereby helping them to bring honor

    to God’s glorious name!—Read Proverbs

    1:8; Ephesians 6:4.


    No doubt – no record in the bible though

    Fathers ordered to train sons

    Christian parents today – only jws, because only they are true Christians

    PICTURE: Teaching our children about Jehovah brings honor to his name

    (See paragraphs 5, 6) (find picture on following url) Who is this man, note he resembles the WTS depiction of the apostle Peter.

    7.(a)When Israel was faithful to Jehovah,

    what eect did this have on surrounding nations?

    (b) What responsibility rests on all who bear God’s name?

    7 Thus, when the Israelites were faithful,

    they gave a fine witness to God’s

    name. They had been told: “All the peoples

    of the earth will have to see that Jehovah’s

    name has been called upon you,

    and they will be afraid of you.” (Deut. 28:

    10) Sadly, however, Israelite history was

    mostly a record of unfaithfulness. Time

    and again, they returned to the worship

    of man-made idols. Moreover, like the

    Canaanite gods they worshipped, they

    became cruel, sacrificing their children

    and oppressing the poor. What a powerful

    lesson this is for us to strive always to

    be holy in imitation of the Most Holy

    One, whose name we bear!


    Sacrifice their children to their ever-changing blood transfusion policies

    Sacrifice their children to the god of Pedophilia

    Oppressing the poor following the Korban policy giving your belongings to the “temple” but returning person use


    8. What commission did Isaiah receive from

    Jehovah, and how did Isaiah react?

    8 Jehovah had foretold a marvelous

    act of deliverance from captivity that the

    Israelite nation would witness. (Isa. 43:

    19) The first six chapters of the book of

    Isaiah are largely warnings about the certain

    calamity that was to come upon

    Jerusalem and its surrounding cities.

    Jehovah, the perfect reader of hearts,

    told Isaiah to continue proclaiming this

    warning even though he would be met

    with a hardening negative response. Isaiah

    was shocked and wanted to know for

    how long God’s nation would remain unrepentant.

    God’s answer? “Until the cities

    crash in ruins without an inhabitant

    and the houses are without people and

    the land is ruined and desolate.”—Read

    Isaiah 6:8-11.


    Is this going to be the same WTS interpretation as in the past?

    9. (a) When did Isaiah’s prophecy about Jerusalem

    come true? (b) What situation exists today

    that calls for wakefulness on our part?

    9 Isaiah received this commission in

    the last year of King Uzziah’s reign,

    or about 778 B.C.E. He continued his

    prophetic service for some 46 years

    until after 732 B.C.E., well into the

    reign of King Hezekiah. That was 125

    years before Jerusalem’s destruction in

    607 B.C.E. Thus, ample advance notice

    of what was going to happen to their nation

    in the future was given to God’s

    people. Today, Jehovah has also had his

    people give ample notice of what lies

    ahead. For 135 years, from its very first

    issue, The Watchtower has called on its

    readers to be awake to the fact that Satan’s

    wicked rulership will soon end and

    be replaced by the Thousand Year Reign

    of Jesus Christ.—Rev. 20:1-3, 6.


    Does the WTS chronology match credible secular sources?

    The WTS has said the end would come in 1914, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1940’s, 1975, (1984), (1994) and then stopped using a specific date. For more info see

    10, 11. What fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy

    did the Israelites in Babylon witness?

    10 Many obedient Jews who surrendered

    to the Babylonians survived Jerusalem’s

    destruction and were taken captive

    to Babylon. (Jer. 27:11, 12) There,

    70 years later, God’s people witnessed

    the fulfillment of an amazing prophecy:

    “This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser,

    the Holy One of Israel: ‘For your

    sakes I will send to Babylon and bring

    down all the bars of the gates.’”—Isa.



    For 607 BCE, 587 BCE, 70 years, start with

    11 In line with that prophecy, a world-shaking

    event happened one night early

    in October 539 B.C.E. While Babylon’s

    king and his nobles were drinking wine

    from holy vessels captured from Jerusalem’s

    temple and were praising their

    man-made gods, the armies of Media

    and Persia conquered Babylon. In 538 or

    537 B.C.E., Babylon’s conqueror, Cyrus,

    commanded the Jews to return and rebuild

    God’s temple in Jerusalem. All of

    this was foretold by Isaiah, including Jehovah’s

    promise that he would provide

    for and protect his repentant people as

    they returned to Jerusalem. God called

    them “the people whom I formed for

    myself so that they might declare my

    praise.” (Isa. 43:21; 44:26-28) Once these

    former exiles had returned and rebuilt

    Jehovah’s temple in Jerusalem, they became

    witnesses to the fact that Jehovah,

    the only true God, always fulfills his



    Yes, by the first century, the bible says that Jesus declared that tradition replaced the word of God.

    12, 13. (a) Who were included with the Israelites

    in the restoration of Jehovah’s worship?

    (b) What is expected of the “other sheep” as

    they support “the Israel of God,” and what

    hope do they have?

    12 Thousands of non-Israelites were

    part of the reborn nation, and later many

    other Gentiles became Jewish proselytes.

    (Ezra 2:58, 64, 65; Esther 8:17) Today,

    “a great crowd” of Jesus’ “other

    sheep” give their loyal support to anointed

    Christians, who make up “the Israel

    of God.” (Rev. 7:9, 10; John 10:16; Gal. 6:

    16) The great crowd also share that God-given

    name, Jehovah’s Witnesses.


    Did the Jewish proselytes have the same standing as the born-in Jews?

    The great crowd were not considered jws for 7 years after the name was adopted.

    13 During the Thousand Year Reign of

    Christ, the great crowd will have the unspeakable

    joy of explaining to resurrected

    ones what it was like to be one of Jehovah’s

    Witnesses during the last days

    of this system of things. But our doing

    this will be possible only if we prove true

    to our name now and strive to remain

    holy. Also, no matter how hard we try,

    we must daily ask forgiveness for any

    lack of holiness, recognizing that we are

    sinners and that being allowed to bear

    God’s holy name is an indescribably

    great honor.—Read 1 John 1:8, 9.


    What is the requirement per the WTS to survive the “end”?

    *** w89 9/1 p. 19 par. 7 Remaining Organized for Survival Into the Millennium ***

    Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the “great crowd,” as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil. (Revelation 7:9-17; 2 Corinthians 4:4)

    *** w96 1/15 p. 17 par. 9 Jehovah’s Sheep Need Tender Care ***

    The four parts into which the questions are divided may be covered in three sessions by three different elders if possible. If they agree that the unbaptized publisher has a reasonable understanding of Bible teachings and qualifies in other ways, they will tell him that he may be baptized. As a result of his dedication and baptism, he becomes ‘marked’ for salvation.—Ezekiel 9:4-6.

    A Name Full of Meaning

    What it means

    • “He Causes to Become”

    Why it is fitting

    • Jehovah created all things

    • He continues to cause his will and purpose to be realized

    What it reveals

    • He will become whatever he needs to become to make his promises come true

    • He causes his creation to do whatever is needed to accomplish his will

    • There is nothing he cannot do or cause to happen to fulfill his purpose

    A Name Full

    of Meaning

    to our name now and strive to remain

    holy. Also, no matter how hard we try,

    we must daily ask forgiveness for any

    lack of holiness, recognizing that we are

    sinners and that being allowed to bear

    God’s holy name is an indescribably

    great honor.—Read 1 John 1:8, 9.


    14 To enhance our appreciation for the

    honor of bearing God’s name, it is good

    for us to meditate on its meaning. Commonly

    translated “Jehovah,” the divine

    name comes from a Hebrew verb that

    can describe action and can be translated

    “to become.” Thus, the name Jehovah

    is understood to mean “He Causes to Become.”

    14. What does the name Jehovah mean?

    14 This definition well fits Jehovah’s

    role both as the Creator of the physical

    universe and intelligent beings and as

    the Fulfiller of his purpose. As events

    unfold, he continues to cause his will

    and purpose to be realized no matter

    what any opposer, such as Satan, may

    do in an attempt to thwart the progressive

    outworking of God’s will.


    “progressive” another way the WTS tries to explain why they change their doctrines.

    15. In what way did Jehovah reveal an aspect of

    his personality as reflected in the meaning of

    his name? (See the box “A Name Full of Meaning.”)

    15 When commissioning Moses to

    lead God’s people out of Egypt, Jehovah

    revealed an aspect of his personality by

    using a related verb to describe his

    name, this time in the first person. The

    Bible record states: “God said to Moses:

    ‘I Will Become What I Choose to Become’

    [or, “I Will Prove to Be What I Will

    Prove to Be”]. And he added: ‘This is

    what you are to say to the Israelites, “I

    Will Become has sent me to you.”’” (Ex.

    3:14; ftn.) Thus Jehovah, in any circumstance,

    will become whatever is needed

    to accomplish his purpose. To the once enslaved

    Israelites, he proved to be a Deliverer,

    a Protector, a Guide, and a Provider

    who satisfied all their material and

    spiritual needs.


    Did you ever get why the WTS emphasizes this….is god making it become or is the WTS saying what they think god means?


    16, 17. (a) How can we show our gratitude for

    the privilege of bearing God’s name?

    16 Today, Jehovah continues to be true

    to the meaning of his name by satisfying

    all our spiritual and material needs.

    And yet, the meaning of God’s name is

    not limited to what he himself chooses

    to become. It includes what he causes

    to happen with regard to the work of

    his Witnesses in accomplishing his purpose.

    Meditating on this will motivate us

    to keep on living up to his name. As

    84-year-old Kåre, who has been a zealous

    Witness in Norway for the past 70 years,

    says: “I feel that it is a great honor to

    serve Jehovah, the King of eternity, and

    to be a part of the people who are called

    by his holy name. It is always a great

    privilege to explain Bible truth and to see

    people’s eyes light up with joy and understanding.

    For instance, it brings me

    deep satisfaction when I teach them

    how Christ’s ransom sacrifice works and

    how, by means of it, they can get everlasting

    life in a peaceful and righteous

    new world.”


    So do you know jws who did not have enough food, a safe home,…

    Do you want to associate yourself with an organization that protects pedophiles and hides their deeds, to protect God’s name or their own?


    17 Admittedly, in some territories it is

    increasingly difficult to find people who

    desire to learn about God. Nevertheless,

    like Kåre, do you not experience deep joy

    when you find a listening ear and are

    able to teach that person about the name

    of Jehovah? But how can we be Jehovah’s

    Witnesses and at the same time be witnesses

    of Jesus? That question will be the

    subject of our next article.


    Hard to find people or do jws call when people are not home and do not come back when they find “interest,” or turn over return visits to the pioneers and elders because going back interferes with their recreation?


    The sad thing is that many jws are reluctant to say when asked, “What religion are you”? or something similar and they answer a Jehovah’s Witness (not the WTS preferred one of Jehovah’s Witnesses (or witnesses?), without Christ appearing. Many jws are so afraid that saying they are a Christian will not differentiate them from what the WTS calls so-called or professed Christians.

    But what did “divine providence” say?

    (Acts 11:26) . . .It thus came about that for a whole year they gathered together with them in the congregation and taught quite a crowd, and it was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians.

    What is the “god-approved” name, Bible Students, Jehovah’s witnesses, or:

    *** bt chap. 9 p. 74 par. 22 “God Is Not Partial” ***

    It was first in Antioch that “the disciples were by divine providence called Christians.” (Acts 11:26b) That God-approved name aptly describes those whose way of life is modeled on that of Christ.

    But identifying yourself as a Christian is no longer adequate per the WTS. The WTS also says their organization are the only true Christian one, meaning all others are false.

    *** jv chap. 11 p. 150 How We Came to Be Known as Jehovah’s Witnesses ***

    While the apostles of Christ were still alive, the name Christian was distinctive and specific. (1 Pet. 4:16) All who professed to be Christians but whose beliefs or conduct belied their claim were expelled from the Christian community. However, as Jesus had foretold, after the death of the apostles Satan sowed seeds that produced imitation Christians. These counterfeits also claimed the name Christian. (Matt. 13:24, 25, 37-39) When apostate Christianity resorted to forced conversions, some claimed to be Christians simply to avoid being persecuted. In time, any European who did not claim to be a Jew, a Muslim, or an atheist was frequently considered to be a Christian, regardless of his beliefs or conduct.

    Love, Blondie

  • quellycatface

    Thank you for all your hard word. I really enjoyed reading that.

    Sounds so bizarre when you're out of the organization.

  • prologos

    thank you for the seeds for further thought.

  • stillin

    I thought the same thing as you did after paragraph 8; is this going to be something new? Nope, same old insipid mash.

    I was unaware of that bit about the upper-case "w" back in 1977. Interesting...

    thanks for the time you spend on this, Blondie. I don't know how you have the stomach for it.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Blondie-Is part of your comment at the end of paragraph 7, last sentence incomplete? Just wondering what your complete comment is. Thank you for this article, I have warned my kids that their dad will be wanting to do a bible study with them this evening, as he will feel guilty because of this article. They decided to go to bed earlier this evening to thwart his efforts....

  • WTWizard

    Why would I want to emulate Israel? Regardless of when I look, I see the same genocidal crap going on from that disgrace of a nation. They took Palestine and created grave hardship for them, even blowing up schools being used for shelters and taking children's lives on the Palestinian side. But what more would you expect from the same nation that seized Canaan and slaughtered or enslaved the natives because they would not worship their stupid god? Or, a nation that venerates Tyrant David for murdering Gentiles in foreign nations simply because they would not worship joke-hova? Or Jacob, who swindled Esau out of his birthright? Or Joseph, who swindled Egypt into a famine by predicting one, taxing Egypt for 7 years, and then locking up the food supply?

    As for me, I do not want to emulate that disgraceful, treacherous nation. Yet, the washtowel continually insists that people should be emulating them anyways?

  • blondie

    PTN, maybe a little. I forget not everybody's jw background exposed them to the idea of Korban:

    Oppressing the poor following the Korban policy giving your belongings to the “temple” but returning person use

    Note here the WTS describes the Pharisees of Jesus' day

    *** it-1 pp. 506-507 Corban ***

    By the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry on earth, a condemnable practice had developed in connection with gifts dedicated to God. In regard to this, Jesus denounced the Pharisees as hypocrites because they put their own tradition ahead of God’s law. Professing to safeguard for God what had been declared “corban,” they set aside the divine requirement to honor one’s parents. (Mt 15:3-6) A person might simply say, ‘Be it corban,’ or, ‘It is corban,’ regarding his property or some part of it. Pharisees at that time taught that once a person declared his possessions to be “corban,” or a gift dedicated to God, he could not use these to satisfy the needs of his parents, however needy they might be, though he could make use of such possessions himself until his own death if he chose to do so. Thus, although these Pharisees professed to honor God, their hearts were not in accord with his righteous requirements.—Mr 7:9-13.

  • Powermetal4ever

    I find it very interesting to get an other point of view of todays study, since I was there and had to sit and listen to it all. I have to tell about a strange comment I heard. Someone said that we have to pronounce the name Jehovah correclty. But that doesnt make sence at all, since every language pronounces it in its own way, and further more, it might not even be the right form. Anyway that was just a small observations.

    Otherwise I find those two questions contradicting:

    1, 2. (a) What does it mean to be a witness, and in what notable way

    has this world’s news media failed? (b) Why does Jehovah not depend

    on this world’s media?

    So if god doesnt depend on the media, then the worlds news media hasnt failed. Or?

  • blondie

    Hi, power, the WTS admits the accurate pronunciation of the name of God in the Hebrew scriptures has been lost. They choose to use a version from the 12th century devised by a priest.

    I and others have said if god can keep the bible intact (sic) why not his name.

    Since the beginning of the WTS, it has depended on the media. Russell had his sermons reprinted in the newspapers. Both Russell and Rutherford had public debates with other religious leaders which the media publicized. Rutherford used the radio airwaives.

    Every year the WTS submits press releases to newspapers and similar venues about the conventions/assemblies coming up.

    *** jv chap. 5 p. 58 Proclaiming the Lord’s Return (1870-1914) ***

    The December 1, 1904, issue of the Watch Tower announced that sermons by C. T. Russell were appearing in three newspapers. The next issue of the Watch Tower, under the heading “Newspaper Gospelling,” reported: “Millions of sermons have thus been scattered far and near; and some at least have done good. If the Lord wills we shall be glad to see this ‘door’ keep open, or even open still wider.” The door of “newspaper gospelling” did open still wider. In fact, by 1913 it was estimated that through 2,000 newspapers Russell’s sermons were reaching 15,000,000 readers!

    *** jv chap. 7 p. 80 Advertise the King and the Kingdom! (1919-1941) ***

    Broadcasting the Kingdom Message

    Within two years after regular commercial radio broadcasting began, radio was being used to transmit the Kingdom message. Thus on February 26, 1922, Brother Rutherford delivered his first radio broadcast, in California. Two years later, on February 24, 1924, the Watch Tower Society’s own radio station WBBR, on Staten Island, New York, began broadcasting. Eventually, the Society organized worldwide networks to broadcast Bible programs and lectures. By 1933 a peak of 408 stations were carrying the Kingdom message to six continents!

  • fastJehu

    @ Powermetal4ever "... I have to tell about a strange comment I heard. Someone said that we have to pronounce the name Jehovah correctly. But that doesnt make sence at all, since every language pronounces it in its own way, and further more, it might not even be the right form. Anyway that was just a small observations."

    I had the same discussion with an elder. He told me also, that we have to pronounce the name Jehovah correctly.

    Interesting his reasoning: The slave SHOWS us with the soundfiles on JW.ORG, how to pronounce correctly. We must obey the slave in this thing.

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