"My Christian Quest" Ron Fry "Watchtower Admit's It's Followers were Apostates in 1916-1919!

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    Barbara mentioned all the hard work Ron Fry did for he, have you read his book or listened to his sermons? We as Ex-JWs are always looking to build up our mental arsenal, I think you might enjoy having another high caliber ex-JW author under your wing.


    A large clip of this work his writing on a blog is posted here so you don't have to leave:


    According to present-day Watch Tower teachings, Jesus Christ was supposed to have "come" invisibly in 1914, and after his coming to have entered into the the judgment of his earthly servants. The Society interprets Jesus' words at Matthew 24:46, 47-"Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. Truly I say to you, he will appoint him over all his belongings." - as having been fulfilled at that time on the loyal Bible Student community. According to Watch Tower calculation, this appointment went into effect in the spring of 1919. At that time the Bible Students were entrusted with all the earthly interests of God's newly established heavenly kingdom. These teachings are discussed in full in The Watchtower of 1 January 1977 in the article "Serving with the Faithful Slave."

    It is therefore of interest to consider how the Witnesses describe their spiritual condition during the period of 1914-1918, the period when, according to them, they were being evaluated for enlarged privileges of services on earth by the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. Here is what they have to say about themselves according to The Watchtower of 15 November 1980 (pp. 26-7):

    "Like the Israelites of Isaiah's day, the spiritual Israelites sold themselves because of wrong practices and came into bondage to the world empire of false religion, that is to say, to Babylon the Great and to her worldly paramours . . . . An outstanding instance of this occurred during World War I of 1914-1918." Another statement regarding their condition from The Watchtower of 15 July 1960, (pp. 435, 436) reads: "But the Scriptures describe them as having unclean garments because of their long association with Christian apostasy. (Zech. 3: 3,4) They had many practices, characteristics and beliefs similar to the weed-like sects of Christendom. So from 1914 to 1918 a period of fiery testing came upon them, not unlike the ancient period of Babylonish captivity of the Jews back in 607-537 B.C."

    On page 436, that issue of The Watchtower adds:

    All this came to pass in connection with transgression on their part in having the fear of man, not conducting themselves in a strictly neutral way during the war years and being tainted with many religiously unclean practices. Jehovah and Jesus Christ permitted these witnesses to be reproached, persecuted, banned and their officers imprisoned by the nations of this old world. By the summer of 1918 the strong, organized voice of the Watch Tower witness had been silenced, killed collectively as prophesied in Rev. 11:7,8. Notice, however, that this watchman's voice was not stilled until they had completed their pre-1914 phenomenal work of warning the peoples of the nations.

    Note how The Watchtower describes members of the Bible Student community of that day in these references. They had unclean garments, were contaminated by apostasy, were guilty of wrong practices, displayed characteristics that were weed-like, manifested fear of man, sold themselves because of wrong practices. It even compares their experience to the Jews' captivity in Babylon. They had sold themselves because of wrong practices. So, since the Israelites were apostate when they were deported to Babylon, Jehovah's Witnesses are saying that the members of their organization who were adults during World War I were also apostate.


    On another matter, Jehovah's Witnesses boast today that for nearly forty years prior to 1914 they carried on an outstanding preaching work to warn mankind of what was to occur in that year. But if one looks at history, he will note that in fact they were preaching a false message. For what they proclaimed was that Christ had actually come invisibly in 1874 and that the period between 1874 and 1914 was a harvest period which would end in the latter year with the total destruction of all the nations of mankind. Concerning that fact, Charles Taze Russell himself wrote:

    "We consider it an established fact that the final end of the kingdoms of this world and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God will be accomplished by the end of A.D. 1914."17

    Hence in 1930, the Watch Tower's second president, admitted:

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    Read the entire article on the webpage link I provided, there are things Ray Franz jr. missed in his account of the Judge's Scam Artist nature, the more you dig up Watchtower history the more you find sewage and apostate Christian messages! The Watchtower was never in God's favor, we all were part of a Satanic Cult that will lead it's followers to the very Doom they preach on other human beings, you can see how Jesus will reject their fraudlent claims of receiving the appointment of "Faithful Slave", it's blasphemy against the Holy Spirit!

  • designs

    JWs becoming Evangelicals seems so passe now.

  • Pistoff

    Ron Frye never became an evangelical; AFAIK, he belonged to a non-denomination church and was/is pretty mellow.

  • blondie

    I would say if you have actually done some research on Ron and/or spent time with him as I did at BRCI when I first left, you could not in all sense say he was an evangelical or his wife. He did not become an agnostic or atheist, but he tried to find what the bible says without filtering it through some religion. He was a kind and fun man who showed great compassion to me and my husband. He never lorded it over me because of a previous position in an organization he felt misrepresented God.

    This is a man and his wife who suffered great loss because of their decision to leave the WTS just like the rest of us. I have never considered him my enemy but a fellow fighter in revealing the WT falsehoods.

    Thanks, Pistoff.


  • designs

    I corresponded with Ron. Nice person. He believed the Bible and the message of Salvation in the NT. You can be non-denominational and be in the Evangelical camp which to me is believing in the Bible as true and coming from God in every sense. Any progressive Christian no longer views the Bible in those terms but considers much of the record to be of human in origin and the stories are interpretations of history and not inerrant facts.

  • Apognophos

    I might be missing something, but I'm not clear on why this is news. It has long been taught that the organization underwent a cleansing in those years. Supposedly they were chosen after making it through the cleansing and the imprisonment of the Society's leaders (killing of the "two witnesses"?). Of course they still had many things wrong for some time after that, compared to the current teachings of the org., e.g. celebrating Christmas if I remember correctly.

  • RayPublisher

    Ron is a lovely man he sent me a very nice personal letter when I ordered his book which is very good. You can see and hear him speak on Christian topics at this YouTube channel run by my friend, OnlyinChrist. Below is the book in audio form:


  • designs

    As nice a peron as Ron is he presents this continuing dilemma, that of- trading one set of religious beliefs for another set of beliefs that are just as specious.

  • BucketShopBill

    Did you notice during every judicial committee you oversaw the Elders would ask you "If not Jehovah's Witnesses than who has the Truth?" Ron Fry has made a choice to follow a set of beliefs he feels are as true as what's as close to truth one can get at this point in time. JW Elders often harrass members leaving the Organization with the False Dilema or Fuzy Logic Fallacy, your given two choices where neither is the correct answer.

    When the Elders ask the member "What or Who has the true religion?" their just like Pilate who asked "What is truth?", no desire to understand what's brought you to your current spiriutal condition, they are hoping to attack your choice you made. I see nothing wrong with Brother Fry's decesion to continue his walk with God, if he's happy and his beliefs bring him comfort more power to him. How many of the Elders listened after they asked you "If not Jehovah's Organization than whose?" they make the assumption the Watchtower is as close to true religion as your going to get in this life and if their wrong, they believe they are saved in all forms of religion because their such good people.

    JWs are not the best people in the World, after many decades of intimate closeness with the Organization it's so obvious they are worse than the other Cults and major religions because they guilt people out of living life to the full. The Organization attack's higher education, attack's Bible Study Aids not approved by the Watchtower, they attack anything they don't understand, I think Ron Fry now know's exactly what he believes! His book looks like another valuable aid to bring the Harlot of New York down on her knees and free more Witnesses captive to their concept!

    What do JWs do to help make this World a better place than waste people's time by bending their ears sharing false prophecies and offer a fake community relationship? The Kingdom Halls are often the deviod of love and joy, many of you here were lonely in the Kingdom Halls, they are hollow shells of hope and lack love!

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