Watchtower Takes in $2 Million Conditional Loan and Won't Return the Loan, Is it True?

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  • Balaamsass2

    Another issue with these Widows who LOAN WITHOUT INTREST to the evil WTBTS.

    Loans and gifts to JWs, Congregations, or Watchtower prohibit the JW widow from getting needed Medical and Social services due to the "lookback" anti-fraud provisions ( 2-5 years depending on thge State). That means severe dementia, dental surgery, housing costs, and many other medical needs will NOT be underwriten by any US government Social Programs. Watchtower is aware of this and that is why the entire program has little or any papertrail.

    This is how Watchtower PROVIDES for widows and orphans....the form of worship that is unblemished.

  • joe134cd

    OMG I wished I had never read this. I never knew this went on. Honestly I had no idea. Just when I think they can't go any further the seem to go to a whole new level.

  • Quarterback

    When we built our KH over 30 yrs ago, some publishers gave out interest free loans to the project. After a few years, we had built up our account, and we had the funds to repay these publishers. Funny though some of the Elders thought that we should just leave the funds in our account. I argued that we borrowed the funds to build the KH and now we have no longer any need for these funds so let's just pay these brother and sisters back. The BOE decided not to. Thenwhen the acct's were read, I invited these friends to request their money personally. I wasn't popular with the BOE at that time.

    We even had a publisher approach us for a repayment 0f $20,000 loan. The problem though is we had no paper work, no knowledge, no witnesses, no transaction of this going through our acct. Just a verbal transaction of him giving this amt to an Elder who got deleted and moved out over 10 yrs ago. We had to pay that publisher back on good faith over his story. What a mess.

    Want some advice? Don't get involved monetarily with the society.

  • 3rdgen

    If you have elderly parent/s who are devout JW be aware that they may think they are "loaning" their money to the WTBT$ when instead they are giving them their children/grandchildren's inheritance. Be smarter than I was, find out what your parents are doing. They might not tell you otherwise.

  • Vidiot

    piztjw - "And there you have it folks. Notice the wording? The org in true 'splitting hairs' fashion has worded this as MAY be returned to him, not WILL be returned. That is their loophole."

    Once again, for the lurkers, newbies, and trolls...

    ...if your religion has to cheat to survive, your religion doesn't deserve to survive.

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