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by Brainfloss 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Brainfloss

    I am sharing a message of HOPE

    ---I sincerely hope that you can learn from my mistakes

    ---I truly hope that when you see thes folks i am with today you will not be misled by them

    ---I hope you have a great day

    Thank goodness I drove this car group I hope Brother Can't Answer Any Questions doesnt mind stopping at starbucks on the way back to the hall

  • RagingBull

    if an elder is conducting...I'm sure he'll want to "work with you" at least for 1/2 the time you're out. He'll most likely ask questions like "Have you been meeting with another group or where you off work today?" He'll probably feel you out a bit too. See what your thoughts are on all of the changes happening in the ORG.

  • Brainfloss

    Well luckly i am completely current probably more so than anyone else that will be at the meeting.

    Really just daydreaming though

  • steve2

    You're assuming a householder would even give a flying fig about anything related to religious nutters. To householders, it's all bunkum - and you'd likely get no better reception at the door than JWs would - or they'd see you as a JW just trying to find a new way to get their interest.

  • Gregor

    My general attitude about guerilla tactics, whether the Danny Hazzard or the lesser mischief, like disrupting meetings, etc. is negative.

    It is more the revenge of the X than an attempt to help those who need it.

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