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  • will brooks
    will brooks


    I'm new in this forum and it seems from a quick recce that JW's give this site a miss? Is there a site that JW's use - other than their official one which is restricted to active JW's?


  • Honesty
  • Phizzy

    Just a word of caution, JW's do not debate, they do not understand debate.

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome will brooks, Debatting JWs is like banging your head against a wall. You will get frustrated and angry. Instead try to help JWs to critically think for themselves and not blindly follow the WTBTS's leaders.

    Have you thought about doing the following?

    1. Learn how to ask simple questions like Billy the Ex-Bethelite did in the thread exJW Psychology 102--How to Ask a Question When Questions Aren't Allowed. Also, ask simple questions to learn more about what a JW's authentic persona so that you can learn to turn-off and on the cult persona.
    2. Learn how to overcome thought-stopping platitudes that JWs use, like why do JWs feel that the WTBTS has the "Truth". Does that mean that other religions are teaching falsehoods? What proof can they show you that the WTBTS is teaching the "Truth"? Don't accept general answers. Ask for specific proof. Let JWs search for their proof from reputable sources that are independent from the WTBTS

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • A.proclaimer

    Jwtalk is where all the JW's go but that site is like a fortress, heavily guarded and monitored against any negativity or criticism. You cant go onto certain sections until you've spent some time there with an account. I've seen it and sometimes people would write in their posts that they don't mean their comments to sound critical, because they're afraid of having their comment or post removed and such.

  • will brooks
    will brooks

    Hi Folks,

    Many thanks to you all for the suggestions which I'll take on board - appreciated

  • smiddy

    Welcome to the board will brooks , hang around here , use the search option above for subjects your interested in and we look forward to hearing more from you .

    You can ask questions here and even get satisfying answers that you dont get at a KH.


  • will brooks
    will brooks


    Many thanks for the feedback.

    If you were to pick the top 3 reasons why JW's stick to their beliefs - despite counter arguments about the WTBTS - what would you say are those reasons/defences?



  • Apognophos

    Fear, pride, and fear.

    - Fear of growing old/dying.

    - Pride (that is, the fear of admitting one is wrong).

    - And fear of being shunned by everyone they know if they doubt the teachings.

    So, yeah. Fear.

  • DocHouse

    Many of us are on Facebook- which has many religious Groups where many discussions rage.

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