"The Ark Before Noah"

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    As well as providing new archaeological information, the book "The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood" by Irving Finkel (published 2014) provides material for those of us who are interested in the neo-Babylonian period. For example, one subheading is: "Why were the Judeans in Babylon?" (page 226).

    Dr Irving Finkel is assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian script, languages, and cultures at the British Museum. He writes with good humour with freshness and an obvious love. The Guardian wrote:

    "Finkel's conclusions will send ripples into the world of creationism and among ark hunters".


  • Magnum

    Thank you very much. This is an example of the kind of stuff I mainly come to this site for. Will get the book. Please keep the suggestions, research, thoughts, etc. coming.

  • opusdei1972

    May be the Mesopotamian Flood was inspired by a local disaster. Hindu literature tells a similar history. Some say it was the oldest.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Interesting. Thanks!

  • Hairtrigger

    Thanks Doug .Appreciate the pointer.

  • EdenOne

    Marked. Thank you Doug.


  • Bart Belteshassur
    Bart Belteshassur

    This was was on TV on sunday in the UK. "The Real Noah's Ark" secret history, series 1, episode 1 Channel 4. Shame Finkel took so long to translate the tablet but a great find in an attic.

    Good watch and makes sense.


  • Crazyguy

    The story flood of Ziusudra is about a thousand years older then the one in the bible and they have found evidence of a flood that hit lower Mesoptamia around 2900 bce. This story could be based on a real local event and then turned in to legend..Anyway of the four Flood stories of the near east the Noah's ark one is the youngest.

  • vangogh

    one other major problem with the ark apart from the question of animal size is the methane that the animal waste would have produced. The amount of animal waste, both solid and liquid must have been huge. Unless there had been advanced waste and gas disposal systems built into the ark how could have Noah and his small family kept the ark afloat with all the extra waste weight never mind from exploding from all the methane. I can only presume light inside the ark was by naked flame and even if the flame was within a lantern methane would have got in somehow. Naturaly occuring static electricity would also have caused an explosion. Anybody been to the zoo and seen even one elephant urinating? never mind a whole ark load of different kinds of animals. Once you start thinking about it the problems are huge. Thats just the waste never mind the storage space that would have been required for the food for all these animals. Its reasonable to presume that these animals were not all packed tightly together like sardines in a tin and that they would have had space to lay down in at least.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    My mother recorded the program, I watched it and told her about it and said she might learn something, .... she still hasnt watched it LOL.

    Nothing like the boogey man of truth to scare off the willfully ignorant is there.

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