Do as we say not as we do.. (or spiritual hypocrites to those in the trade.)

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  • Dis-Member

    When I first started 'pioneering' at aged 19 I was encouraged by my so called spiritual leaders(elders) to do window cleaning. Which I did but could never make enough to support myself, so I had to take a second part time job which was also a cleaner at a primary school. I was always broke and always poor.

    What never really clicked with me until many years after leaving was that none of these so called elder spiritual guides did window cleaning or pioneered themselves.

    In fact they did the very opposite and lived very full and rich lives.

    One ran his own building firm and dealt with milt-million pound contracts, another had his own very successful double glazing business, another was some kind of mechanical engineer who worked for some big multi-national organisation, another was a chemical engineer, another owned and ran his own very busy printing firm. In actual fact almost all of them were either directors and owners of their own companies or had very senior positions and high paying salaries in worldly organisations. Those that ran their own businesses all employed other pioneering brothers or sisters and paid them all a meagre wage for working hard and long hours.

    All of them were married, had numerous children, owned their own beautifully furnished 3 to 5 bedroom homes, all wore quality and immaculately tailored suits, owned multiple cars (which they used to drive past me while waving in foul weather while I walked the 6 miles to and from hall) and took their families on several holidays a year which explained the constant healthy tanned complexions. Their also immaculately dressed kids were the first to have cars the moment they left school and were old enough to drive.. they walked straight into the best jobs in other brothers businesses, and had their dating and marriages arranged by and with the cream of the congregation and were the constant stars in all demonstrations on the platform.

    Yet they constantly encouraged and steered me into remaining single and forget all thoughts of dating, become a full time preacher and maybe missionary, ride a bicycle everywhere in all weathers, get my clothes from second hand shops and be menial cleaner to support myself as it would make God and Jesus very pleased with me. Yet somehow I was still not good enough to ever date anyone's daughter or to be invited anywhere. I'd say these people made the few years I spent with them the saddest, most lonely, depressing and miserable I have ever experienced in my entire life. I have kept detailed diaries since I was 13 years old.. and if I read what I wrote during that period you would think I was about to commit suicide such was my heart rupturing sadness and misery.

    It I had remained there with those people, as a single person with no family in the organisation I would have condemned myself to a life of utter loneliness, abject poverty and complete social rejection even in the congregation for being a broke ass nothing orphan.

    How on earth could we ever put ourselves in a situation where we allowed to be manipulated and wrestled from our grasp total power and control of our lives, if we date, if we marry, who we marry, when we marry, what work we do, how we dress, how we speak, how we think, how we feel, who and the very definition of what we are even to some overweight, lazy, privileged self-important hypocrites?


    The best thing I ever did was leave and get as far from these life crippling, brain dumbing, talent killing exploitative pretenders and impostors as possible and liberate myself from what could only be described as a form of modern slavery.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Well said. Thumbs down matey, sorry for the unhappiness. It'ss oppression, simple as that. Tie you up with menial work, no hope of advancement unless you ignore the 'suggestions' to pioneer with your time instead of take on extra hours or pursue a career.

    I wish I'd gone to college and uni. But no, glass smearer for DECADES. d'oh!

    to be fair, I've built it into a decent business, but that would've been impossible if I'd been pioneering for any length of time.

    Control, control, control...

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said dis-member!

    That summed up my life too...until I tookback control over it.

  • Dis-Member

    sorry for the unhappiness.

    That was a very long time ago Disposable but thank you. I was just reminiscing. I am now a qualified network engineer and I.T Specialist, also a professional photographer and professional musician. If I push myself I can earn $650 an hour. Not too long ago I sold a single image for $2,500. I came very close to selling 6 images for $26,000 to a very large corporation. Sooner or later I'll clinch that deal.

    My total time 'in' the org adds up to less than 3 years. I can only imagine what people must feel like who have spent their entire lives in there. What a terrifying thought!

  • Phizzy

    Of course the hypocrisy comes from the Top down. The GB and the top guys at H.Q, what exactly is their life-style ?

    Not exactly mendicant is it. Jesus said he had nowhere to lay his head, the GB would not lay theirs in anything less than a Five-Star Hotel.

  • steve2

    I should imagine that the more years you devote to the organization and/or the older you are when you leave, the harder it would be to set yourself up in terms of good paying employment/rewarding career. I left the organization when I was a young buck - so glad I got out and had the wherewithal to go to university and get relevant qualifications so my employment is a source of fulfillment with a damn good salary package. I can empathize with those who left in their later years and who did not have a way of life that they then did not find adequate let alone lacking in enjoyment.

  • KateWild

    I left ten months ago. I am still in a ditch trying to earn a living after giving it all up to pioneer.

    I can't believe I fell for it and gave up a career as a chemical analystfor the GB.

    Kate xx

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Good for you dude, livin' the dream!

  • Apognophos

    My total time 'in' the org adds up to less than 3 years.

    Wow, you really burned bright and burned out fast. And all because you were really sincere about the religion!

  • Dis-Member

    Wow, you really burned bright and burned out fast. And all because you were really sincere about the religion!

    I was indeed very sincere and passionate about what I was taught and read and of course took it all on face value and trust.. but when I got to see how people really were and behaved in that religion.. coupled with a diligent and critical study of their history and teachings (TTATT) my zeal and respect for the organisation and the people that fill it was snuffed out like a candle in strong breeze.

    Sincerity will bring you in.. and the very same sincerity will take you out.


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