Spirituality is innate!

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  • Pinku

    yadda yadda 2,

    Thank you for that Dalai Lama's quote. Actually it was there in my original post; but in the last moment I removed it to make it shorter. But God's will is that it should appear--and He acted through you!

  • xchange

    Spirituality means living by the spirit of the whole truth, in harmony with the “kingly law”

    What is the spirit? How does one live by the spirit? What is the truth? And what is the whole truth? And what is the kingly law?

    See for yourself what a difference it will make, and how much people will love you for this change!

    Ummm...I'm already loved/liked/admired by a bunch of people just the way I am. Not sure I see any reason to make any changes.

  • abbasgreta

    I've given up trying to explain how a Christian experiences the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (of Christ) which changes everything of the 'person you are within' and therefore you as a whole, for the better.

    Even grasping what the above sentence means is a gift OF the Spirit. Non-Christians just cannot comprehend it. Period.

    Similar to exactly describing how fish and chips taste and then skilfully comparing that to how a banana tastes to someone who has never had a sense of smell or taste from birth and expecting them to suddenly be able to taste food for the first time ever as a result of your well meaning efforts.

    One day they may just experience spirituality for themselves, you can't say or wish for anything more than that.

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