Curious..What advice will you receive, religious marriage counsel vs certified marriage counsel ?

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  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Thanks Jam, I feel so fortunate I have him because when I told him my doubts he was willing to read COC and we walked away together. Our marriage even when we were JW's was an equal one and he never lorded it over me. I am so strong willed that I would never have put up with it.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Jam, I am sorry your sister had to live that way. So many women don't know how to walk away and it makes it even harder when you have the elders instructing you to stay and that it is your fault. Many ministers have training and education to learn how to help their people but not the JW's. That is why these men can be so dangerous to others because they are giving them instructions that can harm them.

  • jam

    How many of you who were Elders gave counsel and think about it now.

    I have, 39 yeras old and counseling women old enough to be my mom

    with unbelieving mates, young couples that never should have never

    got married in the first (the honeymoon was over), fellow elders and

    I was having problems in my marriage. A couple I encouraged to marry

    because they had three kids and he was fresh out of jail. I married them

    and it lasted two years, she didn't want to marry him.She became a

    JW while he was serving time...

  • jam

    Aunt Fancy: Yes so true "so many women don't know how to

    walk away". My sister was in her 50's and didn't know how to

    open up a checking account, have never wrote a check.

    That's why see was of the Anointed, life was so miserable here.

    My poor sister , now I understand why she was looking

    forward to living in heaven...

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