Found my old baptism photo!

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    At my son's school, black socks and sandals worn with shorts are all the rage! I didn't believe him and made him change several times until I went to visit the school one day and all the teenage boys were wearing them! I mean they looked just like the picture above, except they wore slide in sandals with no backs. (And their legs weren't quite as hairy! )

    They must do it deliberately to irritate their elders. Just like that multicolored bowling shoe craze about ten years ago. Just pick the things your parents think are the ugliest and make them cool. We didn't do that, did we?

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    The picture of me 20 years earlier was exactly the same, they bent me back wards and the water went up my nose, when they pulled me up all joyful and such I was trying not to snot in the water. Tell me the truth............ did you succeed or fail?

  • Simon

    To be really cool they need to be white. It helps show the world just how white your legs are by comparion. Yes, even chemicals in washing powder can't out-white them.

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    Well, nicolaou, you took the very first step in leaving the organization on that day back in 1980 (i.e., you got baptized).

    For many, many Witnesses, their baptism is an unsettling and unexpected anticlimax and its downhill spiritually from there.

    Sometimes you gotta officially "join" something to get to the stage of determining that, no, it's not really meant for you.

    Shame, though, there's a lot of pain on the way out - but that's life, I guess.

  • nicolaou

    And from the same stash of old photo's here's the Kingdom Hall I went to for over 20 years until me and Mrs Nic' moved away in 1988 (that's not me in the pic'). Think I also took this one in 1980.

    And this is one of the rare photo's I have of me and my brother before my Mum got sucked into the cult . . .

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    You've got to admit that any mother who has got a twinned bike for her two sons has got perhaps one of the handiest contraptions for helping them keep up with her when she door knocks.

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    I looked at the picture Cofty posted above, and thought "Mother !".

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    Nic are you Hispanic

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