Street work

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  • Powermetal4ever

    I've also walked up and down the streets, approaching people. I must say I "liked" it better than from door to door. It was easier in a way, you didnt have to make excuses on how you got the code to the entrance. But anyway, I cant walk around anymore, pretending that I believe in the stuff and pretending that I want people to believe it as well.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I always tried to avoid the more unconventional types of witnessing. I tried business witnessing once, and just couldn't do it. It felt even more intrusive than going to people's homes.

  • sallypeterson1914

    Wow! Nope didn't do street work, always worked door to door. I knew some who did, it was seldom done where I lived (N.J. 1980's) I remember well how I hated it, but worked hard at it, at the time I beleived it was 'the truth'. Made me angry years later, to discover, God doesn't care that we work so hard, placing books and magazines, and it was all for nothing! Now I work even harder, trying to help people to Get Out of this vile organization that leads people away from the salvation that comes by Faith in Jesus.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome, sallypeterson, to the forum!


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