Street work

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  • truthseeker

    Did any of you ever do street work? Standing on corners holding up the Awake and Watchtower magazines? All hours, all weathers? Street Work reminds me of Randy Crawford's "Street Life" - I've modified the lyrics...

    Street Work
    Because that's one place we can go
    Street Work
    Because there's no one that I know
    Street Work
    You can see it in my face
    Street Work
    I've a hundred tracts to place

    You people never see
    The reason that I'm here
    I have to count my time
    This work is such a sham
    This life of mine that's played
    Is just a masquerade
    The way I dress and talk
    This isn't who I am

    Street Work
    I can't run away from time
    Street Work
    It'll be over when it's nine
    Street Work
    I'm starting to get cold
    Street Work
    This message is getting old

    I'm not trying to make a sale
    Paradise is no fairy tale
    Just take these magazines
    But they politely decline
    They smile and look at me
    I watch them as they go
    But time is getting on
    There's a group to meet at nine

    Street Work
    Street Work
    Street Work
    Oh street work

    I do Street Work
    Because that's one place we can go


  • redvip2000

    I did street work all of the time, but not the type where you stand there waiting for someone to approach you. We would walk the streets and approach anybody that was around.

    I used to absolutely hate it, because at least on door to door preaching there was the likely chance of someone not being at home or not answering the door which is 95 percent of all doors, but in street work you had to approach people, and people hate to be approached when they are going somewhere in a hurry.

  • truthseeker


    We would also walk up and down Main Street. We had English and spanish tracts and mags as our town had a lot of Latinos living there.

    I hated every minute of it, preferred laundromats.

  • sporece

    I was 23 years old in the 70's and would stand outside a High School in one of the suburb in Chicago at 8 in the morning placing 40- 60 magazine every morning.

    That was when i first learned the "truth" and just got baptized.

    Eventually after a while i despised street work. I always felt like an idiot.

  • out4good3


    Joe Sample

    Wayne Henderson

    of the Jazz Crusaders.....

    Two Great Musicians.

  • AmericanCaesar

    Well, in Portugal you don't see this really much, even in big cities. I personnaly think that the street work works better than preaching door to door.

  • dugout

    street work??? is annoying to people, one brother followed me down the street when I didnt respond had to look at him as if to say back off

    Out for-dont forget about my man george duke. my Idle

  • dugout

    oh by the way. nice song seeker, got a medoly for it already

  • Zordino

    Street work is so great

    You better not be late

    to be indoctrinated full of hate

    oh it will be great

    When your head get filled will lies

    people will see it in your eyes

    That you've gone to the other side

    having your brain all washed with Tide..

    etc.... LoL

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Agreed on the points made regarding all aspects of the viability and desirability (or non-) of street work.

    Does anyone know why cart manners are officially instructed not to approach passersby?



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