What makes a "good Jehovah's Witness"??

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  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Wait with baited breath for each and every new magazine or publication posted to the JW.ORG website

    Consider the daily text every day with your children who are half asleep to understand anything or consider the text with family members NOT living at home using SKYPE

    Nod and uh-huh at every comment that should be agreed with during each study no matter how ludicrous it is

    Believe the generation teaching and be able to explain it, ok maybe not explain it, but BELIEVE it

    Let your children die if they need a blood transfusion

    Accept "privileges" of full time service while your aged parents are asking for assistance from the congregation

    Stay in the full-time service although your spouse is suffering from depression

    Never admit that you are depressed

  • MissFit

    Stay away from anything related to the supernatural...

    Watch what you say out loud...Satan will use your desires against you.

    If you suspect demons, go through your house and burn any suspect item. Don't forget to say Jehovah over and over.

    Make sure you know who the exemplary ones are in the congergation and avoid anyone spiritually weak...Except for CO visits, Memorial season and when you are pioneering.

    Call on Spiritually weak members when you need to finish up your time for the month.

    Remember anytime you say Jehovah's name to worldly people...including unbelieving family... you can count time.

  • BU2B

    Put "Jehovah" aka the 7 GB members and their current teachings above:

    Your spouse

    Your Children

    Your siblings

    Your friends

    You or your childs life

    Your freedom.

    Be ready to shun parents, children, and siblings and anyone else at the drop of a hat, without ever knowing the reason.

    Be willing to not allow your children to have birthday parties, holidays, a college education, friends, school sports and clubs, voting for of being class president, not allow normal dating for teens, guilt trip them for masturbation etc...

    Be willing to sacrifice your education, career, athletic or academic talents, time and money to the service of an organization that has said the end is imminent for the last 140 years.

  • MissFit

    BU2B: and make sure you do all of the above with a joyful giving spirit. Remember we are the happiest people on earth. ( don't forget to take your medication)

    Wait on Jehovah to get rid of the pedophile.

    Above all do not bring reproach on Gods organization by going to the authorities.

    God's spirit appointed elders will take care of everything.

  • jgnat

    Give up at least one great job opportunity in favour of the midweek meeting.

    Live a double life.

  • MissFit

    Don't forget any hardships you may experience is a test from Satan.

    What ever you are doing is never good enough.

  • millie210

    Give give give financially. But dont expect anything back.

    Give in the various contribution boxes

    Give by bringing meat (most people try to get by with potato salad or a dessert LOL) that is expensive - no chicken for you!

    Give by buying ALL the gas used so you can drive pioneers around while they drink their coffee.

    Give to the C.O.s because they need cash = love

    give give give~

  • jam

    You know all answers to life mysteries, you have a degree in medicine,

    degree in social science and a degree in archaeology, all from the school

    of JW.ORG......And you walk around with your head up your rear....

  • piztjw

    Always dress in the JW manner...no variation in clothing / hair styles / facial hair

    Just yesterday the eldurr doing the WT made this exact comment, "We don't set rules for dress and grooming. However, to see what is considered proper dress and grooming for Christians all you have to do is look at the picture on page 22 of todays WT. THAT is how we should look!"

    Yep, I'm sure as Hades going to dress like that when I'm out doing ranch chores! The worship of the governing popes continues. What an idiot!!

    (Picture is in the 07/15/2014 WT)

  • Finkelstein

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