Only 1 out of 6 JWs (and friends) visit the JW.ORG web site!

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    In a 2013 article currently on JW.ORG (reference 1), the JWs bragged about how their website is translated into 300 languages and that it reaches, according to Alexa statistics, 890,000 unique users every day.

    What about the monthly stats? The site (reference 2), which draws its statistics from Alexa, reports that there are an estimated 3.2 million unique visitors every month for*

    Since the 2013 memorial had an attendance of 19.2 million (reference 3), this could be understood as 1/6 of the JWs and their friends visited the site on a monthly basis.

    This is not unexpected as the internet itself is used only by 39% of the planet at this time (reference 4).

    Hence, the number of languages in which the website is translated does not offer any guaranty as to its information being accessed or even be accessible at all to most of the planet’s population.

    * If John visits the site on Friday and Saturday, he will be a unique visitor on the daily stats for Friday and for Saturday. He will also be a unique visitor for the monthly stats. He will not be counted as 2 users even if he visited the site every day of that month.






  • StephaneLaliberte

    wow.... no posts.... am I the only one who sees this as a big deal? They just spent the month of august preaching the word about their web site as if it is a game changer while 60% of the planet's populationcan't even access it. Doesn't anyone see the contradiction or total BS in this?

  • carla

    It's football day for many in the US, give it time.

  • cookiemaster

    It is a big deal. It's also hilarious how ineficient they are. A great bulk of the witness population lives in civilized countries (US, Europe, Asia) and has access to the internet. Yet, few seem to visit the website. I guess many in their ranks are old and are refusing to adapt to the new ways, especially considering how much they demonized the internet in the past two decades. The language translation thing for the WT is just about bragging rights. We have a website translated in 1000 languages, so the truth is reaching everyone on the planet, blah, blah, blah. I wonder how many of those languages are African languages, or in general from countries of the world were the people don't really have access to the internet. JW's are inneficient in the real world, and inneficient in the virtual world. It's all about bragging how much they preach, but without having anything substantial to show. Now, they're brainwashing everyone into worshipping the almighty JW.ORG.

  • Dis-Member

    Those stats are rubbish..

    There are 7,782,346 active publishes in the world. has received an estimated 7,639,900 visits over the last 30 days. The number of visits differs from visitors (or unique visitors). Visits includes multiple visits from the same individual (repeat visits).

    That's 254,662 non-unique visitors a day.

    So.. if we assume each member visits just once a month this alone will account for the websites total visitors. The truth is that vast numbers of these members probably visits the site easily 10 times a day every single day (repeat visits) and on multiple devices so these visitor figures plummet drastically.

    So.. yes is being heavily promoted but mostly only among themselves. The world on the other had really does not seem to give a dam.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Dis-member... that is a good point, many JWs visit the site through various devices; (1) at home, (2) at work, (3) on a tablet (4) on a cell phone ... etc. So just that person could be considered as 4 unique visitors in one month! On the other hand, if a household has only one computer with 4 active members, they will all be counted as one unique visitor. So, I believe this should balance out.

  • stuckinarut2

    Remember, simply VISITING a site does not mean that people are actually buying into the concept, teachings or ideals it presents.

    Many people will curiously go there after getting a tract advertising it...they will look it up on their phone or tablet while waiting for a bus, sitting waiting at the dr's office etc...

    BUT that doesnt mean they will actually DO ANYTHING with the information....

  • Dis-Member

    If a household has only one computer with 4 active members, they will all be counted as one unique visitor. So, I believe this should balance out.

    I'm not so sure it balances out. We are not in the 80's where technology is a rare luxury any more. Nowadays practically every single mobile phone has an internet connection and almost everyone has a phone. Even homeless people have mobile phones.

    I myself have about 6 devices that can connect to the net. If I used each one 3 times in one day to access the site I'd be counted 18 times. That's 540 times a month! Now we can see how their figures can be manipulated to kingdom come.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Dis-member, keeping in mind that we are talking about the entire planet and that 60% of the humains on it don't have access at all, I suspect that a large portion of the internet users have only one device to connect... and you are correct that for many of them, that is precicely a mobile device.

    As for " Now we can see how their figure can be manipulated to kingdom come". I agree 100%!

  • LisaRose

    It's not surprising, since everyone still gets the paper magazines, why would they visit? I think most JWs barely read the magazines as it is, they only highlight the Watchtower so people can see they studied. I am sure they have better things to do with their internet time, like Lol cats.

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