Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 09-14-2014 WT Study (UNRIGHTEOUSNESS)

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    My long-time, well-known elder dad conducted this Watchtower study at our hall, and I sat right beside my long-time JW mom. I just had to make a couple of rather poignant and provocative comments.

    First, I commented on paragraph one, which states “the name Jehovah” apparently being “God’s personal name,” which “occupies a special place in our worship.” Of course, I mentioned that the name “Jehovah” is actually a transliteration of the Hebrew letters “YHWH” of the tetragrammaton with the vowels in the word for “Lord,” which is “Adonai,” to produce “YaHoWaH,” which was first used by a Spanish Dominican monk, Raymundus Martini, in his book Pugeo Fidei, published in 1270 A.D., which was when the name “Jehovah” was first invented. The study conductor (my dad) then said that God’s name wasn’t “invented” but was always there throughout history. (However, we, of course, know that whatever the original name used for God was couldn’t have been “Jehovah” because that is in Latin – a language which was not even around in the time of the ancient Hebrews!)

    My second comment was on either paragraph 11 or 12-13, I can’t quite remember which one. (I was originally going to comment on paragraph ten but wasn’t called on then.) I said that where people get into trouble is when they “go beyond the things written” in the Scriptures and add or take away from the Scriptures in following “controversial ideas” of men, which are constantly changing. (I hope that I got the point across to at least someone in the audience.)


    They are all Watchtards. They LOVE to have their ears tickled. Jws fear their own mortality, hence they seek their own salvation/panda petting zoo. They will believe and do ANYTHING to reach that "paradise"!!! They will lie in print, in court, to your face! They will use a false stylus, make false promises, promote false hopes! They will label you as an apostate and sentence you to death, just for speaking the truth!

    How can you avoid this destiny, you may ask?? The object of their fear, do not you fear!!


  • ilikecheese

    haha I love the "apostate" picture. The sinister mustachioed man looks pretty devilish.

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