Stupidity of Noah's Ark

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  • stuckinarut2

    Watch these clips...There is no way the account of Noah's ark could ever be true!

  • WTWizard

    Global rains cannot selectively raise land. The pressure of the water would be even across the whole globe, preventing anything from rising. Since rock is heavier than water, there is no way global rain could do this.

    Now, if all the water were to come in a massive chunk of ice, that could push down the crust because it is out of balance and could create locally heavy pressure on the rock mass. Same if a massive glob of water were to hit the earth on one side--it would send pressure waves that would be local, and not evenly balanced as mere heavy rain on a global basis would be. This uneven pressure could indeed push down rock masses, similar to if a chunk of ice from a blown-up planet (that joke-hova blew up on us, that used to be between Mars and Jupiter) were to hit the ocean. That would send pressure on a local area that could push down rocks and raise mountains (and throw the earth off its axis, resulting in a tilt).

    Other features of the ark are just as bad. What happens, for instance, with cats? What happens if you breed lions and tigers? Where did those species of cats come from? Well then, why do ligers (the hybrids of male lions/female tigers) and tigons (female lions with male tigers) suffer poor health and cannot reproduce?

  • MadGiant
  • Simon

    Great videos - the bible really is crazy when you break things down.

    One of the best way to make believers question things is to make them expain the story in minute detail and think through all the practicalities and implications.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "One of the best way to make believers question things is to make them expain the story in minute detail and think through all the practicalities and implications."

    Worked for me (I did that to myself, BTW).

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I like the first video but I wish they wouldn't have used the "F" word so much, otherwise I would have posted this on my facebook page where lots of my JW relatives and the few JW friends I have left would see it. The language alone however would be an excuse for them to dismiss every logical yet unsetteling new concept they hadn't though of before and they might finally write me off as having gone off the apostate "deep end" altogether.

  • Terry
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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Here in the UK there was a TV programme on Channel 4 (8 PM) regarding Noah's ark. They have been advertising it all week.

    I recorded it but haven't watched it yet. Anyone interested could see it on 4OD.


  • westiebilly11

    just recently watched a programme on the quest channel re plate tectonics.. it was explained that originally all land masses were just one large land mass....with a large variety of animal and plant life..but dominated by a massive forest of huge trees..when plates shifted/separated animals were in effect isolated hence warm region animals found near polar regions ...hence masses amount of coal from the long gone forests....etc etc. yet I can remember falling for the, flood killing all animals suddenly hence food found in their mouths story,.....

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