RIP at least the world didn't get him, words of comfort?

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  • steve2

    well the apostle Paul was the "king" of insensitivity with his self-righteously irksome phrase "we do not grieve as those in the world grieve."

    Always -but always - the putdown of others and the expectation that you will not be like them. Ugh! I so dislike "believers" need to parade their product and how much better it is.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Whenever I heard JW's say regarding the resurrection and those who have died " Their last thought.....will be their first thought ".

    I used to say, " What about those who were killed in a car wreck....does that mean will they wake up screaming in terror? "

    Then at one of the assembly dramas back in the 80's, they opened with the sound of skidding tires, busting glass and someone screaming in horror. I can't remember exactly how they worked it out but basically a woman came running onto the stage which was set up to look like the New System (flowers, bowls of fruit etc). She was was supposed to be the one who had been screaming. She came on stage all freaked out and wondering where she was and what had happened. Apparently she had been killed in a car wreck back in the old system. Everyone on stage ran up to her and welcomed her to the new system and explained that she had been resurrected. It was pretty sick and weird.

    Anyway, that blew a hole in my little answer because yes....according to the society, people would be resurrected not realizing they had died and thinking whatever was on their mind at the moment of death. ( a comforting thought huh?)

  • steve2

    And - I am embarrassed to acknowledge - I fell for it for the first almost 3 decades of my life.

  • MissFit

    Pete: I didn't realize they would be thinking their last thought when they were resurrected. I always thought they would wake up like they were sleeping.

    That is what comforted me. I guess every religion has their own fantasy to help them grieve.

    Steve: you are not the only one.

    My nephew's death was harder on me than the previous losses because I had learned TTATT and knew that death was final. It was harder to find and give comfort.

  • MissFit

    Just thinking of my nephew today. He died 2 years ago today. He was 25. Way too young.

  • MissFit

    I know my sister still grieves deeply. I wish I could give her real comfort instead of false hope I. I think right now the only thing keeping her going is the reserrection hope.

    They sold their house and are changing congregations since they are moving so they can start fresh without so many reminders.

    My heart hurts for her. She loves completely heart and soul and her children were her life. He was her first born. She was so close to both of her kids.

    It kills me to see her having to live without her son.

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