JW Disfellowshipping Is Cruel

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  • minimus

    They tell you it's 'loving". Baloney!

    Disfellowshipping is cruel punishment.

    It is not "Christian".

  • phats

    Yes Minimus. But is has to be that cruel or it dose'nt work. It's the extremeness if the pain it causes that keep the r&f all in step.

    It's what keeps me from shouting out from every rooftop how bad the LO "Loving Organization" really are but I don't. What to do? Go with you're pride & suffer the cruelty? Or Play at there game but maybe lose some self dignity by keeping domed down but free.

    If they were to be any way close to humane they would never use the shun gun but. They would have no flock because so many stay in solely because of the fear of being shunned.

    It works.... That's all it needs to do & man is it good at it.

    Peace, Phats.

  • BluesBrother

    Sure it is cruel, it is meant to be. They believe that they have to have something to keep the flock in line. Often the cruellest cut of all is felt by the innocent but believing loved ones who are forced to apply this unnatural form of punishment. If they don't do it they leave themselves open to discipline and a loss of standing in the cong. (which is all they know) : a bad conscience before God & a feeling of guilt. When they do, it cuts them up emotionally due to their natural love.

    The thing is, it does not often produce real repentance. If people are repentant they should not have been d/f'd anyway. The pressure is to come back for the family, so a lot of them do - but how many are anything like the way they were before? In my experience the majority come back but be 1hr a month Witnesses who fill a seat and enjoy association but do little more. They are back to suit their purpose , for the way of life, not to "slave for the kingdom"

  • minimus

    Some religions shun but not in the way JWs do. They don't need to act unchristian.

  • quellycatface

    It's the biggest load of bullshit ever.

    My mum was disfellowshipped for smoking. She then became addicted to tranquilizers and alcohol.

    But don't forget what the Jehovah's witnesses say, "it's a loving arrangement."

    Silly woman got reinstated 16 years later. Not a good move.

  • minimus

    The shunning is so unloving! Viewing them as "dead" and worthy of stoning is sadistic.

  • blondie

    The Amish type of shunning is cruel. I have been watching a series that was not designed to be salacious about ex-Amish.

    Amish: Out of Order



    This series is currently being rerun on TV....shunning was clearly illustrated how completely Amish families would have nothing to do with them, not even coming to the hospital when their son almost died in an auto accident.

    How some still believing Amish did not support the group's beliefs and were df'd but they still live an Amish life.

  • Finkelstein

    The power game of religion is usually full of inhuman atrocities, but when one realizes that the WTS is trying to emulate the social moral standards of

    the once existed ancient Hebrews, it doesn't really come to no surprise that they are so subjectively cruel.

    What the WTS did was to institute a DF policy most likely arranged to protect the devious exploitive doctrines of which the organization was founded

    upon and to further to create a division between the loyal unquestioning followers and those who objected to some of their doctrines.


    In my opinion this was the beginning of a formation of this cult , the WTS wasn't just an radical off shoot of theological teachings through

    its publishing house, it became a rigidly enforced power and control organization.

    Talk the way we say , look the way we say, do as the way we say and think the way we say was the enforced mantra.

  • minimus

    JWs are a Jewish sect, not Christian.

  • Simon

    It's the religious equivalent of Berlin Wall politics ... "they will stay our subjects if we make it too hard to leave".

    Look what happened to that wall. Some things are simply unsustainable.

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