JW daughter, sent me a check yesterday...

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  • jam

    This is the daughter that told me she will never shunn me.

    This is the daughter that told me dad, I pray one day you

    will be sitting with us (her family) in the assembly, that one

    day I will come back.

    It was a $100.00 check with big bold letters "Love you"..

    I'm going to frame it, she knows I don't need it..She is

    the one daughter that have never ask for anything, always

    giving. They have three kids. The wife told me I should send it back,

    they need it more. I will never tell her the truth about the truth,

    they are truly happy in the borg....

  • jgnat

    Let her know you framed it. That way you satisfy the wife (the money stays in their pockets) and you have a permanent reminder of her generosity and love.

  • GrreatTeacher

    That is both sad and wonderful at the same time.

  • jam

    It's funny how things come back, life experiences. My older brother

    told me years ago, when was the last time I gave mom and dad

    a few bucks. Me, why they don't need it. Brother, that's not

    the point...

    jgnat:Yes, good idea.

    GrreatTeacher: Yes, it breaks my heart...

  • sporece

    That was nice of her to do that.

    I have a daughter, the oldest one, still a JW, has not communicated with me or her sisters since March 2009. Don't even know where she lives.

    That's what the watchtower produces.....loving, compassionate,appreciative kind human beings. :)

  • jam

    sporese:Yes, that's my other oldest JW daughter. No idea where she live, I know

    the state she and her family live in but that's it. It's been over 14 years...

  • flipper

    JAM- I'm sorry that it's been 14 years since you've seen or been with your daughter. So this is the daughter who said she'd never shun you ? Yet she does ? Is she sending you money out of feeling guilty about shunning you ? It's been 11 years since my 2 JW daughters ages 27 and 26 have been shunning me. Believe me bro, I feel and understand your pain. Hang in there, love and hugs to ya buddy

  • jam

    Fliiper: NO, NO. The daughter that shunn me didn't send the money, it

    was the one that said she will never shunn me. She still maintain that

    it will never happen, and she have been true to her word. Sorry for

    the misunderstanding. The one who have been shunning me for 14 years,

    when we were talking, she always had her hand out, begging..

    The one that sent the gift, I see her when she come to town, with

    my grandkids and husband. She named her last child after me. she have

    been great.

    OH yes, glad to here you had a great time this weekend...

  • flipper

    JAM- Oh I see. Sorry, my apologies for misunderstanding. LOL. I'm glad that you have at least one daughter who treats you decently then. Good for you. I have a great relationship with my 29 yr.old son, but the two JW daughters treat me and my son like we are poison. Hopefully that will change someday. We can only hope they lose their cultlike insanity. Take care, thanks for the kind words about visiting my frind, it was really great ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Jeffro


    Let her know you framed it. That way you satisfy the wife (the money stays in their pockets) and you have a permanent reminder of her generosity and love.

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