Ashya King's mother in the newspaper before

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  • ILoveTTATT

    Hi... sorry but I just don't see the Munchen's syndrome?

    What I do see is some very loose cannons... a little bit cuckoo...

  • prologos

    what about that Hedge/fence though? whose property was it on? In some jurisdictions, you can not put a fence within 16 inches INSIDE YOUR property line.

    Hpw would the elders allow using wt material to used in a private property dispute?

  • nicolaou

    Blondie again I apologise for a rush to judgement. I was posting from my phone yesterday and could not get your link to load - I still think it adds little to what we've known all along (see Pregnant Jehovah Witness in bikini protest against independent school).

    I was just concerned that this bizarre story with it's silly pictures, while certainly of interest 5 years ago, might get blown out of proportion by journalists and headliners looking for easy copy. Brett. Nagmeh and the whole family surely just need some peace and quiet right now . . . ?

    Not worth to you evidently to post it, but then you are one among many on this board where much, much worse has been posted.

    You have me at a loss here . . .

  • smiddy

    Maybe she is just an exhibitionist who likes to be noticed .


  • *lost*

    Munchausens... for Christs sake. Leave the woman alone, you bunch of griping harpies have ye nothing better to do ?

    Sad bitter minded people, have ye nothing better to do with yoiur time ?

    No love, no compassion.

    The woman was right in fleeing to spain with her child.

    You haven't a clue what is going on in the Uk.

    It is becoming a police state, ruled and run by Paedophiles, Rotherham is one example.

    She fought for her child to get proper medical care, he has a brain Tumor, how in the hell can that be munch's ?

    The British Doctors told them there was nothing more they could do, he was going to die. She would of had to watch her CHILD DIE. They refused proton therapy. There are people in the uk actually dying waiting for ambulances.

    She was locked up by the police in a cell.

    Any of you been locked up and had your child taken of you ?

    Get a grip and get a life. and for God's sake show some kindness and compassion. Oh, sorry I forget... most of ye here don't beieve in God any more and don't have 'Christian' love.

    Pitiful. Leave the woman alone.

  • Listener

    Thanks for posting Blondie, hopefully the mother has been given some good advice and support since the earlier incident.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    So nice of you to turn this into a christian rant about atheists Lost.

    For the record: The Kings seem like a pair of nuts.

  • cofty

    What a strange rant "lost"!

    The British Doctors told them there was nothing more they could do, he was going to die.

    100% factually incorrect.

    He had a succesful operation weeks ago and statistically has an 80% chance of survival. His chances are significantly reduced if he doesn't get the adjunctive therapy he requires.

    Instead his parents are wasting valuable time and money in Prague paying for a therapy that an independent panel of experts have told them won't help.

  • Simon

    I believe that when people do crazy-stunt protests as described above it's usually because they have no recourse under the law - they are in the wrong but are trying to get their way by bullying / intimidating / being enough of a nuisance that they hope the other party will back down.

    I mean, which kind of fruit-loop mother parades in her underwear / bikini while pregnant outside of a school over a boundary hedge ?!?!

    It's a clear pattern of "we know best and want to have our way" regardless of what any authority tells them.

    Normally, this is fine and they are nothing more than ann irritation (although they no doubt soak up funds and resources dealing with them) but now their dogmatic pig-headedness is possibly putting their childs life at risk.

    It seems hard to extracate that mindset from the JW teachings - they obviously have a predisposition to that approach that the WTS belief system has perhaps reinforced and strengthened.

    The WTS also has a long history of promoting medical quackery and distrust of the medical profession which may have encouraged them to think they know best after a few Google searches.

    Of course private clinics offering treatments are going to promote their services as wonder-cure-alls ... they are selling services just like any other business.

  • Violia

    Since when has any jws woman in good standing ever walked about in a bikini , esp while pg? she would be the talk of our town, but it is the Bible belt here . I can't beleive the elders never said a word to her about her conduct. since when do jws take part in protests?

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